First Period Kit – Welcome your little woman to Womanhood!

Welcome the little woman to womanhood
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Most girls start their period between the ages of 9 and 15 years. The average age is 12, but every girl is different, and your daughter may start earlier or later than the average. You will need to prepare your daughter for the big changes she’s about to go through and the best way to do this is to have an open conversation. You don’t have to be detailed in the beginning and can only give age-appropriate information. But, opening up the channels of communication and laying a good foundation of trust is the best way to start. You can read books about puberty and menstruation to help start the “big talk”.

While you are talking about puberty, why not give her a starter kit of sorts that will help her be prepared? This “First Period Kit” can also be a welcome gift to your little blooming girl!

Make A “Welcome To Womanhood” Kit For Your Little Woman!

But what should the kit contain? The kit should have all the things that she will need to tackle her first period and personal hygiene. Here are some things that you can include:

  1. A set of Training Bras and Underwear.
  2. A gentle Face Cleanser
  3. A mild Soap or Body wash
  4. A scented Body Spray
  5. Sanitary pads (You may also use tampons or menstrual cups. But I think pads are easiest to begin with)
  6. Disposal Covers
  7. A Pack of Wipes
  8. A reusable heating pad (to help ease cramps!)
  9. A calendar to track the monthly cycle.
  10. A diary to pen down her thoughts and feelings.
  11. A book about menstruation – Choose from one of these wonderful books about growing up!

First Period Kit - Welcome to Womanhood Kit for Girls

Feel free to personalize the puberty kit and tailor it to your own daughter.  The key to this kit is to include items that will make your daughters more comfortable in their own body.  Any items that will boost their confidence and increase hygiene are a good idea!

Pack it all up in a box or a purse (if you want it to be portable)! You can also create a little kit for her that she can take to school/sports practices with pads and a change of underwear.

Make your daughter comfortable about using the kit and explain that it is just a normal part of a girl’s life! And don’t forget to tell the need for each of the items in the kit. This can be a great opportunity to bond with your daughter, so share your experiences with her!!  Help your little girl prepare for the special time in her life!

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