The Heat is On – Top 10 Summer Foods to include in your diet!

Summer is here, and the magazines and publications are all flooded with “summer detox”  ideas and similar articles. But most things that we read will either be a rehash of what we read last year, or stuff that doesn’t apply to our temperament or palate. So, let’s use our common sense and look at things that care for the environment both outside and inside our system. It’s about supporting our local farmers, relishing our home grown recipes and yes, eating summer foods that make you look as yummy as it tastes.

summer foods coolers

Here is a list of Top 10 Foods we should consume during summers:

1. Matka water

Bring back the matka, the malmal cloth and khus-khus grass. Add the khus-khus grass to the bottom of the matka, pour water on top and wrap a mal mal cloth around it. How does it help you? Khus khus is an ancient secret of keeping everything cool. The porous matka adds a unique taste and keeps water free of any pathogens- let’s call it pure and mineral enriched. Khus Khus is also called Vetiver and you will find it in all high end soaps and perfumes, not just for its distinct aroma but for its ability to reduce emotional anxiety and bring about a calming effect.

2. Curd

For all those who suffer from constipation, gas and acidity, this one is an absolute must have on the summer foods list. The thing though is that you must set the curd at home. This allows the essential fats, the vitamin D and the vitamin B along with the B12 to be retained. The process of turning milk into curd naturally enhances the “good bacteria” in it. The growth of this essential bacteria is curtailed in the “probiotic” products available in the market. That’s exactly why they don’t go bad for days together and have a long shelf life. Curd will strengthen your intestines, reduce acidity attacks and keep the bloating down.

3. Kokum Sherbet

Native to the Western Ghats of India, Kokum has been used as a fruit, as a part of a curry and most popularly as a sherbet. Other than ensuring that no ulcer grows in your mouth or stomach during summers, it also works as an anti-obesity agent. Most importantly, it has properties to prevent cancer.

4. Sabja Seeds

Move over chia seeds. Before the age of internet and the flood of weight loss ads about chia, sabja seeds floated on every falooda, chaas and kheer in Indian homes. Not just a quick detox, but an instant cooler and bloating reliever. Even a glass of water with soaked sabja seeds can help you get thinner.

5. Mango summer foods mango

For enjoying summer to the fullest, you must keep in good company with the king of summer foods. Mango is good to taste and and is an effective cleanser of the entire system, and an underutilized weight loss aid. Do soak it in water for about 20-30 mins before consumption.


6. Coconut water

summer foods coconut water

The divine nectar from the most divine fruit that India has to offer is not just a thirst quencher, but has the perfect balance of sodium and potassium to give your skin a baby fresh look. Yes, it prevents dehydration too and is a well-known reliever of stomach upsets that come with the hot weather.


7. Cashew apple summer foods cashew apple


Five times richer in Vitamin C than an orange, the cashew apple has the ability to zing up your life and burn stubborn fat. Don’t ignore this fruit with detoxifying properties on your summer foods plan.

8. Jowar

summer foods jowar

Naturally cooling in nature, this grain can overcome the weight loss plateau this summer. So, bring the jowar rotis back on your plate with ghee on it. Rich in vitamin B1, iron and fibre, it can help you pick up the rate at which your body is burning fat. If you want to get sleek and smart, go get jowar.


9. Watermelon

summer foods watermelon

Forget the flavored waters and bite into the watermelon to get your day’s supply of healthy antioxidants. Eat it along with its seeds and skim off a thin layer of its peel to retain its fat burning properties too.




10. Lime

Your day’s Vitamin C kick will keep the overactive sebaceous glands in check. Refreshing as it is, it also is an effective fat burner. Squeeze in water with the sabja for the most relaxing, cleansing and cooling drink.


Have a refreshing summer, with these summer foods, and some fun activities for children!

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