Stepping into Womanhood – 7 Books about Puberty for Girls

Books about Puberty for Girls

Going through puberty is one of the scariest, messiest and most confusing times in a girl’s life. Even in today’s “modern” times, people are still reluctant to speak about periods. The knowledge that girls acquire about the subject is often negative or completely wrong and they do not know where to go for reliable, fact-based information. For most girls, their first period is an unsettling experience. To make girls comfortable with menstruation, we need to ensure that they have accurate information, not just about how and why it works, but also on the day-to-day, real-life practices of maintaining hygiene. This will help girls become more comfortable with handling both menarche and her further experiences.

We need to show girls that menstruation is an important aspect of female nature and is a sign of attaining adulthood. We need to equip girls to prepare themselves for managing their cycle and help them understand the biological changes happening in their bodies as they grow up. We need to introduce the idea that this is something that is very natural and happens to every girl.

Here are some books that can help turn the milestone of womanhood into a positive and empowering experience.

7 Books About Puberty for Girls

These books can help not just girls who haven’t started their period yet and want to learn more about them but also girls who have just started their period and want advice on how to prepare for them, and even girls who have had periods for some time and might be curious about the myths surrounding them.

  1. Menstrupedia – The friendly guide to periods for girls by Aditi Gupta and Tuhin Paul

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - Menstrupedia

For Ages 9+

Menstrupedia comic is the period guide for girls ages 9 and up. In this book, you’ll find answers to questions related to changing body, periods, nutrition and taking care during periods. This book helps young girls learn on their own in the easiest and fun way using stories and cartoon characters. Girls will love to read stories in the book and learn about menstruation on their own. Although this book is specifically for girls of age 9-14 years, younger or older girls and even boys would find it an interesting and informative read. Beautiful illustrations and cartoon characters make it really easy and comfortable for parents and teachers to talk about menstruation.

  1. The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls by Valorie Schaefer, illustrated by Josee Masse

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - The Care and Keeping of YOU

For Ages 8+

An updated edition of a best-selling reference for younger adolescents shares practical, expert advice on topics ranging from hair care and healthy eating to menstruation and acne

Also read The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Older Girls

  1. Hello Flo: The Guide, Period. By Naama Bloom

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - The Guide Period

For Ages 10+

The HelloFlo Guide to Puberty, a smart and savvy new guide that’s definitely not your mother’s puberty book.
Insightful, honest, funny and unafraid of the messy real-life facts about a girl’s changing body, HelloFlo strives to create informed, empowered young women who are unafraid to ask questions and make the best choices for themselves and their bodies. This is a celebration of women’s bodies and all the confusing, uncomfortable, silly, transformative and powerful changes that occur during puberty.

  1. Period: A Girl’s Guide to Menstruation With a Parents Guide

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - Period A Girls Guide

For Ages 8+

Discusses the physical and psychological changes at the onset of menstruation, and includes a guide for parents. It answers the basic questions of how things work, as well as practical questions like how to decide between pads and tampons; how to handle period-related issues like cramps, PMS, and even how to remove accidental stains; and what happens during a pelvic exam.

5. The Period Book: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - The Period Book

For ages 9+

This appealingly illustrated guidebook to puberty–now updated with new content relevant to today’s kids–is the perfect companion for girls and parents preparing for this important milestone. Written in consultation with preteen girls, this guide offers a supportive, practical approach, providing clear and sensitive answers to common questions on periods, as well as advice dealing with pimples and mood swings. Complete with charming and informative interior illustrations, The Period Book is a trusty friend that can help girls feel confident about this new phase of their lives.

  1. Growing Up for Girls by Felicity Brooks

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - Growing Up for Girls

For Ages 9+

This book prepares girls for what to expect from puberty and offers advice on what they can do to cope with the emotional, psychological and physical changes and stay happy and confident as they go through their early teens. Covers all the topics that girls want to find out about, including moods and feelings, periods and how to survive them, what happens to boys, diet, eating disorders, exercise, body image, sex and relationships, contraception, sexual health, self-confidence, drink and drugs, exam stress, cyberbullying and staying safe – both out and about and online. Guides young teenagers through this exciting and sometimes daunting stage as they start taking full responsibility for many aspects of their own lives for the first time.

  1. Just for Girls by Sarah Delmege

Books About Menstruation and Puberty for Girls - Just for Girls

For Ages 10+

Just for Girls explains puberty in an easy-to-understand and straightforward way that’s perfect for explaining and understanding the changes that can be pretty confusing for young girls. Growing up is hard, and sometimes pretty hard to handle too but packed with advice, tips, facts and a special Q&A section this book acts as a guide & explains what can be a scary time for the growing girls.

Go ahead, get one of these books and start talking to your girls! Do know any other books about periods and menstruation for girls? Let us know!

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