Things Feminist Parents Should Never Say to Their Son

There has been lot of focus on how to raise a girl child. How to ensure she is confident and not bogged down by the burden of societies expectations. However, no feminist movement can be complete without the equal participation of men. We have to consciously make a collective effort to ensure that the future generation of men understand what equality means. Here are 5 things that feminist parents should never say to their Sons.

  1. “Don’t run like a girl” – In one statement you have told your son that girls are inferior!
  2. “Don’t cry like a girl” – Every person should know how to express his/her emotions, crying is one of them
  3. “Go play outside, why are you sitting in the house like a girl” – Well playing outside is every child’s right. From here the perception, that being in the house is the girl’s domain and going out is the boy’s domain, takes shape in their minds
  4. “Why are you playing cooking, that’s for girls” – Seriously! Cooking is a life skill that every person should know. Girls are not born to cook, but that’s exactly the message that you have given to your son. He will feel entitled to being taken care of throughout his life
  5. “Respect girls” – Shocked! Children should be taught to respect everyone not just girls. Instead of looking at the gender difference from the point of chivalry they should be taught to accept the difference.

Kids began to notice gender difference early on. They make perceptions based on how the behavior of adults around them. As parents we have a huge responsibility that our children irrespective of the gender grow up with a sense of respect for every human. The amount of attention we give in order to shield our daughters from misogyny same is needed while raising our sons!

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