10 Amazing Travel Hacks For Travelling With Kids

Holiday time is usually ‘travel time’ for families. Travelilng with kids, no matter what age they are is a Herculean taskĀ for every parent. A lot of planning and preparation goes into it and travelling with the little ones is not something that you can do as easily as taking a stroll in the park.

To save you from all the trouble, the mess and the last minute unpleasant situations while you are travelling with your kids, here are 10 amazing travel hacks for you to follow easily and make travelling with the little ones an enjoyable experience:

  1. Zip it up: It’s obvious that most of us don’t wash all the clothes while we are on a trip and have a fresh set of clothes packed for each day. With kids, one needs to have at least two pairs for a day and of course, you have to team up matching accessories and other things that will go well with it. So, grab a ziplock bag and pack up a set of clothes, socks, innerwear, accessories etc. for each day of your travel. By doing this, you can simply grab a bag every morning and help your child and yourself get ready faster.
  2. Small is better: You might have bought a jumbo pack of diapers or the biggest bottle of body lotion that you could find for your kid, but this doesn’t mean that you need to carry it outdoors as well. Just go shopping and buy some small size toiletries and small bottles of things you’ll need for your child so that they are easier to pack and carry. Also, smaller things will obviously occupy less space in your travel bag.
  3. Colored fun: Don’t forget to carry colors and a coloring book for your child. No matter which mode of transport you choose to travel and the duration of your travel; coloring is an activity that kids of all age groups enjoy. So make it a point to get them a new and interesting coloring book while you travel.

  4. Tissues and tantrums: Kids are known for throwing tantrums and no mom will be surprised if I say that there might be just about any moment when a glass of juice or cold drink would be spilled on your car seat because something barely upsetting happened to your child. Tissues are what will come handy to you in such cases. Wet and dry, both have their own multiple uses and can work wonders and like saviors in many terrible situations.
  5. Sing-alongs: Download a lot of audio clips of rhymes, poems, stories, fairy tales, plays, and even your child’s favorite karaoke tracks. You could play these on the music player of the car or simply plug in earphones for your child and let her enjoy good music of her choice. This will keep the child entertained and planted in one place for some time and will also allow you to travel in peace.
  6. Surprise on the way: Buy a new toy, a new food item or anything that would surprise your children happily. Tell them about this special item before your travel begins and also set targets like, if you behave well for the next two hours, you will be given a special surprise… or something similar. This will give them an incentive to not trouble you unnecessarily and will also make travel more enjoyable for them (as well as you) when they become happy on seeing their surprise item. You can choose from good books to curated surprise boxes which are available online at ourĀ KidEngage store.

  7. My big bag: Carry with you a couple of extra large size plastic bags that you can use as a handy trash bag while you travel. It is a hassle to stop on the way to throw out trash or walk up to the bin in a train or in a flight to dispose of trash. That’s why it is better to carry a personal and handy trash bag and let your kids also use it as and when required. This will also help keep your car interiors, or your train compartment clean while you travel for long hours.
  8. Travel ID Card: Pin a handmade ID card to your child’s dress or pen down your name, address and contact number on his arms. In case of any unforeseen event or emergency, anybody could help your child reach you and if luck favors everything would go well. Do the same for your child’s belongings also.
  9. New games: You can either buy new games for your child or download a few on your phone or tablet on the morning of or a day before the travel. Do not give these games to your child to play with until you begin with your travel. Later, when they get cranky or disturbing, just hand them over these new games and they’d be easily able to while away a few hours playing these games blissfully.

  10. Time for finger foods: It’s a great idea to buy a lot of finger foods for kids while travelling. It would be even greater if you prepare these at home (so that your kids can avoid eating outside food as much as possible) and the best way to deal with the mess they can possibly create is to get them in bottles or cans with flip-top lids. It’ll be very easy to handle, share and serve these finger foods if they are stored in such bottles. And, they will be super fun for your kids to have on the go!

What hacks do you usually have when travelling with kids? Do share them in the comments below.

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