Book Review – Elections in India: Everything You Need To Know

Elections in India - Book Review

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s India

Author: Compiled by RobinAge India’s weekly children’s newspaper

India is in election mode, with different phases happening right now in different parts of the country. All around we can see a buzz of election-activity, and this is sure to get children to think about why and what is happening around them.  It is our responsibility as citizens to educate kids about the democratic process of elections and voting. So, what better time than now, to introduce children to how our government works, our constitution, elections, voting and what our role is in it all. And what better way than books?

And all this is exactly what this book focuses on!! We have very few Indian children’s books that talk about elections in an engaging way that will appeal to children.  This book is a great start and an easy way to present such an important issue to children.

This book talks about the process of elections. It explains about the way elections are conducted and how the results are announced. It explains the fundamental concepts in simple and easy to understand language.

The book details the constitution of India, explains democracy and also talks about the Election Commission and the role it plays. It also talks about how the history of the voting process and its changes over the years. All aspects of the Indian Election from the Election Commission to pre-election polls, from electoral rolls and ballot boxes to Voter identity card (EPIC) and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT), and the division of seats are all in here. This book also tells about how to vote and features a mock election activity that children can do at school.

The book presents a good number of facts and has plenty of pictures, infographics, and illustrations thrown in too.  This definitely makes the book appealing, visually as well as content-wise and even though overall it looks like a fact-book, it makes an interesting read.

Reading this book is definitely a great way to get children to understand the elections. It is ideal for children 6+ and would recommend you to read it with your child. Take your children to the polling stations, watch the election updates on TV together and try one of these many activities to get your children election ready and civics-savvy!

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Elections in India - Book Review

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