Earth Manners: Travel Green this Summer!

Nature Camps for children this Summer

Summer vacation is almost here!

Where are you traveling to this summer? Are you planning a wildlife vacation? Or a trip into nature? Won’t it be a good deed to travel green this summer, by minding your earth manners! Here are a few green tips for those wilderness trips.

1. Be a good guest

Just as you would while visiting a friend’s home, when in nature, be a good guest! When visiting natural habitats like beaches, forests or mountains, respect the animals and plants that live in these places. Always follow rules laid down.Travel Green 2

2. Take only memories and leave only footprints

Never throw plastic, paper or any waste! Remember to keep the place clean and not littler. Keep your carbon footprint as low as possible.

3. Enjoy nature completely!

Many tourists visit forests to get a glimpse of animals like tigers or leopards. But do remember to enjoy other delights like being one with the forest, feeling and breathing the fresh air, the sunrise, bird songs and revel in the beauty of insects, reptiles and other creatures that live and share the jungle.

4. Keep it down!

Remember to keep very quiet when out in the wilderness. Our presence should not bother wildlife.

5. Be an “Ethical Tourist”

Choose your accommodation/stay at a place that cares about wildlife and communities around the forest. You could “homestay” with the locals or choose a forest guest house. That way you can interact with the locals and also explore their culture and way of life.

Everyday habits matter! Let’s be kind to the planet, animals and ourselves!


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