Ideas to Create a Travel Journal with Kids

Ideas to create a Travel Journal with Kids

Travel Journals are a fun and exciting way for children to enjoy and relive their vacations!  They are a super simple way for children to capture their memories and fun experiences along the way.

Benefits of keeping a travel journal:

Ideas for a Travel journal for kids
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Keep a travel journal is a fun and easy way for your child to record the memories of a family vacation or an exciting adventure.

Keeping a travel journal helps your children practice their literacy skills even when they are out of school. Travel Journals are also great learning tools and memorable keepsakes for years to come! These travel journals will give your child years of pleasure. Whenever they open up the books, they will relive their experiences and you’ll get just as much pleasure looking back through these memories as they will.

Writing in a travel journal makes children think about their trip from a different perspective. Moreover, journaling one’s adventures and feelings is a skill to be learned and practiced. It helps calm them down after an exhausting travel. Making it part of their routine each evening before bed, and the relaxing familiarity of it will help to comfort children. And inevitably, this will make the entire trip more enjoyable for everyone!

Travel journals also keep kids busy on the go. Along with travel games and electronic devices, they’re a useful way to fill time waiting in an airport or restaurant or while driving around.

Tips to encourage children to keep a travel journal

Here are some tips to encourage your child to keep a travel journal:

  • Travel journal kit

Create a simple journal kit. The kit should contain a book to write in. You can use a book or add pages to a binder to make a travel journal.  There are loads of free travel journal printables available that you can download and use too.  Add writing materials – pen, pencils, colours, crayons or anything the child is comfortable using.  Include a pair of scissors and glue. Throw in a few envelops and plastic sleeves to hold stuff that you can’t stick to the book. Put all these in a ziplock pouch or an aptly sized bag.

  • Snap up pictures

Give your child their own inexpensive digital camera (or borrow yours) or even your out of date smartphone to take their own photographs. You can print these pictures and stick on the journal when you get home.

  • Talk about the day

Every night before bed, talk about all the places you visited together. Get the children to write or draw about their day. If the child is too young, you could get them to draw or you can write out what they tell you. This is a great way to unwind the day.

  • Give Prompts

Giving some prompts helps to spark children’s imaginations. For example, you can ask them about the weather, how they felt that day, or who they saw. Relevant prompts can add more value to the journal and give some direction to the children too.

  • Show off the journal

Once you get back from vacation, get children to complete the journal and decorate it too. Then show it off to everyone! Encourage them to talk about their vacation while showing off what they documents.

Ideas to Create a Travel Journal with Kids

Ideas for your own personalized, super cool travel journal

Here are some ideas for things that you can include in your travel journal:

  • Basic Information – Places visiting, dates of travel and who they traveled with.
  • Itinerary
  • Photographs – Photographs spice up the journal and are great to look back on! In addition to the physical photographs, you can also copy your photographs to a USB drive and put it in a pocket of the journal. Or if you store your photographs online, make sure to write down the link to that album on the journal!
  • Maps – Stick or pin the local map and highlight the places you’ve visited and the routes you took. Include a world map in the beginning and highlight which part of the world you travelled to.
  • Daily Notes – Have a page for every day with the date and some information like:-
    • How I felt:
    • The weather was:
    • I went to:
    • I learned:
    • I met:
    • Things I did today:
    • I traveled by:
    • I ate:
  • Facts and Figures of the places. Information on what the place is known for. Language of the place – a few words in that language. What they wear, eat, local culture and customs, etc. You can also add the latitude and longitude of the place to make it geeky!
  • Local Postcards – Buy local postcards and children write on the back of the postcard about their experience. It would also be exciting to send a postcard to yourself back home. Put the postcards in clear plastic sleeves or stick them in such a way that you can see both the sides.
  • Stamps, Coins, and Currency – Local Postage stamps, coins, and currency make wonderful additions to travel journals.
  • Ephemera – Boarding passes, Bills, Receipts, Tickets, Ticket Stubs or bracelets, local chocolate wrappers, brochures – all make wonderful additions to the travel journal. Include plastic sleeves or envelops to hold these treasures.
  • Costs – If the child is old enough and manages money, add in what they spent on too.
  • Nature – Things from nature like leaves and feathers.
  • Opinions and Reviews – Get the children to write in their opinion and review of the place or visit experience.
  • Quirky Collectibles and Stickers

Personalized travel journals are fun

Keeping a handwritten journal of your travels is memorable! While digital media may seem easy, a physical book can add more details that you can touch, feel and relive! Your child’s creative travel journal ideas have to be a reflection of them – and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Capturing those vacation memories is so much fun! It’s so nice to be able to look back afterward on all the wonderful experiences you had together.

How do you save memories from your family’s vacation?

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