11 Things we Learn at School other than Academics

As the new year starts, parents start visiting the schools for admission forms. Every parent will have a vision of a school that will help his or her child to learn and achieve ambitions and aspirations. The parents will check the reputation of the schools by looking at the board results of the school. And when a child doesn’t get admission into a particular school the parents had hoped for, a big disappointment sets in. What the parents don’t understand is the school is not just for academics. Children learn a lot when the go to a school and this can be any school. Let’s see what we had learned other than studies when we were in school.

1. Paying attention when a person is speaking

In school, we learn it by paying attention to teacher when she is explaining a lesson.

2. Get along with people and be social

As kids, we sit with classmates irrespective of their background and share whatever little we have. This is a great lesson which applies for national integration.

3. Discipline

We learn to respect rules and regulations and get to know the consequences of breaking it. If we fail to learn this lesson as a kid, as adults we get into trouble.

4. Be Punctual

We learn the importance of punctuality by being on time to school.

5. We learn to be responsible

Taking care of our books, stationery, returning the borrowed things etc in the class are great lessons to be responsible.

6. Learning from punishments

Any student won’t forget the punishments he or she got. In adult life these punishments remind us of our mistakes we committed.

7. The joy of holidays and vacations

We learn how relaxing and joyful it is when we break free from routine and have time to relax and do what we like.

8. Time management

Getting school in time, completing the exam in time, etc, is something which we have to get accustomed right from childhood.

9. Dealing with the negatives

In school we learn what harm can be caused when we lie, steal, gossip or blackmail our friends. We also learn how to deal with these negative emotions.

10. Win some, lose some

On school grounds we play and learn how to lose and win with the sportsman’s spirit. Who knows we may make  career out of sports.

11. Confidence and Public Speaking

In the morning assembly, we learn how to behave in  big gatherings and how to speak in front of schoolmates and teachers with confidence.

Thus, if the social behaviour of a child is good, he or she will grow up to be successful in life irrespective of or in addition to academic and professional achievements. But a child whose focus is only on academics and career is not guaranteed a happy life. So as parents let us focus on emotional, behavioural and social development of the child and not go after institutions that focus only on grades and admissions to professional colleges.