Play Outside! Fun Games you can play in the Park

Games to Play in the Park

Play is a very important part of childhood. It helps in the development of children’s mental, physical and emotional faculties. These days, however, with easily accessible gadgets, play – especially Outdoor Play is rather difficult to do. Children get glued to their screens and hardly move! 

As a parent, we also need to spend quality time with our children. And one of the best ways of doing this is by taking children to the park. Parks offer open spaces for good physical play and also a chance to bond with your children. Here are some ways you can lure your children to step outdoors! Tempt them by playing the games from your childhood together.

Let’s rewind the time and head to technology-less vacations. There are plenty of fun games you can play in the park. Check them out below. 

Games you can play in the park

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek Games you can play outside

Everyone has played this classic game! One person closes their eyes and the others hide in the park. The person opens the eyes and goes to find the others who are hiding. Set rules about where to hide and teach children about what places are safe to hide.  Always have an adult watching over the children playing!

Capture the Flag

This is a group game to build team spirit. Split the members into two teams. Each team has a flag at their base. The aim is to run into opponent team’s base and capture their flag and reach safely into your zone.

Parachute Play

You will need a large ground parachute to play this game. You can also substitute it with a circular table cloth or even try with any shaped bedsheets. There are different versions to play this game. Kids can simply hold the parachute from edges and ruffle the parachute up and down, or they can move the parachute up and run and sit under the parachute. The kids can also delightfully watch tiny objects like balls or a soft toy jump on the parachute while the kids ruffle it. Check out more Parachute Games you can play!

Train the Traffic

Role Play traffic police with this game. One kid acts as a traffic cop and other kids need to follow instructions from the cop while riding their bicycles, wagons, and scooters. Kids will learn about traffic signals, discipline while they play this game. They need not even be riding the actual vehicles and can just pretend to ride on or pretend to be one!

Monkey in the middle

Monkey in the Middle
Source: Flickr, Tom and Lauren

A minimum of three players are needed to play this game. One player acts as a middle man standing between the other two players. The other two players pass the ball to each other and the middle man tries to catch it before the other players lay hands on the ball.


Draw a hopscotch grid with the help of a chalk. Write numbers in each box from one to nine. Now select a stone to toss. Start by tossing into square number one. Then hop over the rock with one foot or both feet based on the pattern of the grid. Come back to collect the stone in the first square. Then repeat with square two, three, and four and so on.

Skip on the Rope

Who doesn’t like jumping? Kids love to skip on the long rope especially with friends. Kids can jump alone to speed up their skill or along with friends to compete and enjoy each other’s company. You can also try one of these Skipping Rope Games

Five Stones

You will need a ball and a few stones to play this age-old game. In ancient times, it was called the knucklebone. Players take turns to play. The player throws the stones to scatter them on the floor. Now he throws the ball high in the air and picks a stone before the ball bounces on the floor. Repeat the same step and collect maximum stones to win. If the ball bounces more than once, you lose your turn. This game is played differently in different parts of the world. 

Knock the Marbles

There are many games you can play with marbles.  In this game, each player owns a large marble and a few small marbles. Draw a ring in the center and try to knock other player’s marbles out of the ring with your large marble. Be careful not to hurt anyone with the large marbles.  

Freeze and Melt

One player tries to catch other players of the group while the others run around and scatter in the specified area. If the player is successful to catch another player he has to freeze in that position. While the player is away trying to freeze other players, any of the other player can touch and melt the frozen player and release him to continue to run around.

May I

This is suitable for tiny tots. An older member stands in front of the group of tiny tots. Little ones take turns to ask instructions starting with May I. The older member then responds as “yes, you may” or “no, you may not”.  Kids can ask simple things like May I leap forward, or May I jump high, or May I take 2 steps forward.

Simon Says

Source: Flickr, stevendepolo

Extending on the previous game, this is also an instruction-following game. One person gives instructions to the others saying Simon Says “instruction” and the kids follow the instructions.

Tag the one


A classic game.  A group of kids chooses one person as “It”. “It” runs and chases other players. Whoever comes in grip of “It” is tagged as the new “It”.

Shadow Tag

This is a modern version of the earlier game. Instead of chasing another player to tag them as “It”, the player stamps the shadow of the other player with his feet instead of holding the other person.

Blind Man’s Bluff 


Yet another variation of the Tag game is the Blind Man. The exciting twist comes as “It” person blindfolds and tries to chase other players to tag one of them as “It”.

Guess where’s the Button

One person in the group hides a button (or anything) in a secret hideout while other kids try to find it. The player who finds the button first is the winner. 

Musical Chairs

An ancient favorite party game till date.  Ideal for large groups. Arrange chairs in a row – or just draw seats with chalk or use handkerchiefs instead of a chair.  The chairs should be one less than the number of players. As the music starts, the kids run around the chairs in a single direction. Once the music stops, the kids occupy the chairs. The person who is left out loses. Then remove one more chair and repeat until one last player wins the game.

Chinese Whispers

Players sit in a circle. One person whispers a sentence or a funny line to the next person in his ears. That person then repeats the same to the next. Continue the whisper in the circle until everyone has whispered and the circle completes. The last person then says it loud. The end sentence usually is different from the original one as every person may hear some words differently while whispering and pass on the wrong words to the next person.

Please take adequate safety measures when playing outside. Adults are advised to keep an eye on their children at all times.

So, next time you are in a park with your children, enjoy one of the above games or try any of your own. Do let us know too. Read more about similar simple Games from Around the World! There are also many Traditional Indian Games or simple Pencil-Paper games you can play. Try them too!

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