Top Reasons Why Moms Need Friends!

Moms make friends not just because it’s convenient, but because it’s  essential to our health and happiness.

You will find different types of friends who will meet your needs in different ways. They don’t have to all be your most loyal, best friend. Sometimes, just a good play date partner is all you need in addition to your childhood best friend. Eventually, you’ll come across that friend or two who will sit around the kitchen with you over a cup of coffee and share the ebbs and flows of parenting with you. They’ll see you through the tough stuff, laugh with you through the hilarity of childhood and more. The best part – they will work to get you out of the house because they know you need it.

Most days are essentially kid-centric or family-centric for all moms. How about celebrating Friendship Day with our support system of mom friends? After all, it takes a village to bring up a child.

Here are 5 reasons why its important to have mom friends in your life:

1. They understand you.

While anyone who cares about you will do their best to support you, only other moms understand the depth of what you’re experiencing — both the highs and the lows — because they’ve been there. Mom friends totally get it – the exhaustion, the love, the amazement, the confusion and everything in between.

2. The books don’t tell you everything.

You’ve read every parenting book and blog out there, and you’re 100 percent sure that you’know everything that being a mom means.  Your mommy friends will give you the insider details on this whole baby thing. They’ll tell you what it’s really like to breastfeed, when the best times to nap are  and give you honest tips on the best mommy and me classes in your area.

3. They will always be  there for you.

Have you ever had that moment with your mom friends when you don’t even have to finish your question and they are already jumping in to help? Doesn’t matter if it’s a potty training emergency or stopping by with coffee or tea after a particularly long day. They will always be there for you because they know exactly how hard and wonderful parenting is.

4. They’re comfortable around your kids.

There is nothing better then watching your friends’ love on your little ones. It’s a double bonus when the kids get along well too. So while you enjoy a heart to heart with your friend, the kids can have a ball playing with each other.

5. You can be honest.

All those parenting fails and mom guilt trips you’ve been holding onto? You can easily share with them because no one will understand better than your friends who have kids themselves. Even if we haven’t all made the exact same mistakes, you can be sure they know exactly how it feels to mess up. It is also a great relief that you are not the only one messing it up and you need not be so hard on yourself.

So moms, how are you celebrating this Friendship Day with your friends?

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