How Many Types of Moms do you Know?

types of moms

Every time you stand in a cluster of moms, you will observe different personalities. You’ll see some who will use their smartphones to keep track of everything right from the test at school to playdates with other kids to fun stuff they are doing on the weekend. You might spot one who’s always worried if she is doing the right thing. One would want to spend the entire time chatting up with their kids’ friends’ mothers, and one would be too busy to even stop and say hello. We all have unique ways of going through the journey of motherhood, and most of the time, we don’t realise how exactly do we do it —read this article to identify what types of moms do you see around you.

The Over-protective mother

Ever seen a mother who won’t allow her child to step on the ground? She prefers to carry her baby until he or she is too big to be
carried. She is too worried to let her child fall down, get hurt or cry. She won’t allow him to touch or feel the mud since she feels that there are millions of bacteria and virus ready to attack her child. The result – the child might grow into a delicate adult who will seek support at all times. Small problems will look gigantic and he will always look at others to solve his problem.

While caring comes naturally to us mothers,  such moms need to remember that getting hurt is a part of life. The children forget everything in a minute when you hold them in your arms. Try to worry less, and enjoy the moment!

The Egoistic mother

The egoistic mother has an opinion that her child is the best. She is ready to fight with the neighbors, teachers and family members for her child. But she will not accept her child’s fault who may be a bully or speaks foul language. Such a child might grow up to be an adult who will never accept his faults, and might have problems in relationships and work.

Such moms need to accept the fact that every child will have plus and minus points. Shielding him when he does a mistake will only  add to his negative traits. As a mom, you only want the best for your child – so do concede when he is wrong. You’ll be doing him a favour by making him responsible!

The Pampering mother

This mother lavishes her baby with all the comforts in life. She never says no to her darling’s desire – be it small or big. The result, the child learns that he has to just throw a tantrum to get whatever he wants. As an adult, this child might grow up to be the most selfish, self-centric and demanding person. He knows how to get what he wants but does not know how to reciprocate when a help or favor is asked.

Timely realisation that however dear the child is to the mother, saying no to tantrums and unreasonable demands will help the child to have a balanced personality and a successful career. And he will thank you for it later!

The Ambitious mother

The ambitious mother has very high hopes for her child. She spares no efforts and escorts her child to tuition centers, sports campus, various competitions etc, not to forget the olympiads. She dreams that her child would either get into IIT or become an IAS officer, or whatever other career is trending. No other option is viable. She controls the life of her child to the extent that the child after growing into an adult is incapable of making his own decisions. Though successful in academics, his career and personal life might go for a toss.

As a mother, one should give the freedom to the child to  make choices in academics and profession. Support him and help him to reach his goal. He will be grateful to your for the independence and support.

The Balanced mother

The balanced mother knows the importance of childhood. She joins her child in his fantasy world and together they enjoy the childhood. She gently guides him through the academics and helps him make his own decisions. As a mother, she stresses on forming good habits like eating healthy, exercise and regular study hours. She shares a healthy relationship with her family and relatives which in turn reflects on the child. The child as he grows up chooses a profession of his choice and has a well-balanced life with family, friends and a good career.

The Independent child

In rare cases,  a child with a strong personality is not easily influenced by his or her parents. He or she carves his/her own niche and becomes successful in life. Sometimes a child in spite of having caring parents goes wayward due to negative influence of friends and environment. But as parents whether we are working or at home can strive to bring out the good in our child and guide him/her towards his/her goal without our vested interests.

What kind of a mom are you? And what kind of moms are your friends? Share and let us know!

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