10 Ways To Encourage Your Child’s Creative Writing Skills

I am a mom blogger and a professional content writer. I was a child once and my parents, especially my dad, were in my current position at that time. How?
They sensed from my command over the English and Hindi language and my love for reading that I have a special love for languages and I can be great with communication skills – both written and oral. Now, what they did next is exactly what you need to do with your child if you too feel that she is a budding writer or possesses some extraordinary writing skills that need to be honed.

Here are 10 ways in which you can encourage your child’s creative writing skills and help him be a better writer, poet, author or any other successful person in the literary field:

  1. Write, write, write: Just like to be a good singer one needs to sing, to be a good swimmer one needs to swim; to be a good writer, your child needs to write! Begin with the very basic writing opportunities – like framing answers to her English lessons’ questions or allowing her to write her own essays. Academics is one field which your child would be most acquainted to and writing answers to her own lessons and questions would give her a very encouraging start boosting her self-confidence greatly. Read the interview with the young writer Kovida Yalamanchi
  2. Make pen pals: Of course, I sound very outdated when I say that, but trust me it really helps. In the era of Gmail, Whatsapp and Facebook, a hand-written letter definitely sounds very old school and bookish but wait till you realize that your child disagrees with you. Your child might thoroughly enjoy writing letters and posting them to a complete stranger and this will sharpen her sentence framing skills and also better her grammar.
  3. Leave applications: I’m very sure that your child must be bunking school at least once a month for some or the other reason. In such cases, make him write his own leave applications. This will make him learn writing formal write ups and will also keep him updated with the latest leave application formats. Moreover, he will always think twice before bunking school for no good reason!
  4. Share with the diary: Buy a very fancy journal or diary for your child and ask her to document her whole day’s happenings in it. This way she will learn to express herself, know herself better and will also get a new topic to write on, at the end of every day. This will also unknowingly inculcate in your child, the habit of writing daily. It goes without saying that do not, as a parent, attempt to read her journal, as she might want to keep it to herself only. Read An interview with the much loved children’s author Nandini Nayar
  5. Competitions: Be on the lookout for story writing competitions, poetry competitions or essay writing competitions. Make it compulsory for your child to take part in such competitions and make it a habit to teach her 10 new words before she participates in every such competition. Ask her to try and use those words in her writing. Also, communicate this well to your child that winning the competition is not a motive and participating and learning from it is a bigger victory in all respects. Check out events and competitions here.
  6. Volunteer at a friend’s birthday party: Suggest your child to volunteer to conduct games at his friend’s birthday party. He could design a treasure hunt by writing short couplets in chit papers or even conduct a quiz program for his peers. This would give him exposure to a different kind of writing as well and would also give him the satisfaction and happiness of doing something unique by helping out his friend.
  7. School magazine: All schools these days have their own school magazine or newsletter. Encourage your child to write for the school magazine an article a month at least without fearing rejection. If her article gets published, she will get a great boost to keep writing further and all her friends and teachers would also come to know of her great writing skills.
  8. Subscribe to kids’ magazines and books: Encourage your child to read better because if she reads better she’ll obviously write better. Subscribe to as many kids’ magazines and books as your child can read and encourage her to read for at least half an hour everyday, especially before bed time. Check out the KidEngage Library and online book store here.
  9. Classes: Enroll your child into a writing class. Here, your child would learn the different types of writings that one comes across and will also learn the way to write a host of write ups like a newsletter, a blog post, an anecdote and what not. Search for classes here.
  10. Blog it up!: Blogs are the in thing these days! Create a free blog for your child on one of the renowned platforms and gift it to her as a surprise. Make her post all her writings on this blog. Let your child choose if she wants to make it public or not. This will let you and your child observe how her writing skills are growing and getting better with each writing. This will surely double his interest in writing and will also serve as a treasure for life, if he chooses writing as a profession.

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