Creativity – Preschoolers and Corporates

If we ask CEOs of top companies a simple question – what is the most critical attribute in your employees that will ensure business success – pat comes the answer – Creativity and Passion ! And pre-schoolers are showing the way to these CEOs !

It is quite challenging for companies to ignite creativity among their employees – what with the focus on processes, hierarchy, structured work places and fear of failure. However, in the past decade or so, several technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Citrix have managed to instil the culture of creativity in their organizations. How did they do this?

The answer – go back to the time in our lives when we were all creative. That is, during early childhood.

Here’s a TEDx talk on the topic where Catherine Courage of Citrix talks about igniting creativity to transform corporate culture. that we know how corporates are adopting tips from preschool education to foster creativity, let us stop for a moment and ask ourselves – Are we doing enough to nurture creativity among our children at home or in the classroom ?

Here are some good videos to watch to get the ideas flowing:

Creativity in the Classroom (in 5 minutes or less)


MIT Professor Mitchel Resnick delivers this inspirational talk on the creative learning spiral. Watch this if you are a parent. More importantly, suggest this video to the primary or secondary school teacher of your child.

Here’s how a primary school teacher tried to teach critical and creative thinking in her classroom.


And finally, watch how design thinking can be taught for 1st grade children.



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