Healthy body = healthy mind – Why practicing yoga daily is beneficial for kids

Just like how we have stressful situations arising in our life every now and then, kids these days, too face a lot of trying situations at home, in school, with friends and everywhere around them in life. In such a scenario, kids also need stress busters like grownups that is effective and beneficial and can instantly cool off their heads.

Here’s why your kids should be practicing Yoga daily and how they can benefit from it:

  1. Breath awareness: Yoga helps children become more aware of their breath and breathing pattern. It teaches them to breathe deeply and utilize breathing techniques to calm down and de-stress in daily life. Breathing exercises can also help a child cure many respiratory disorders and health issues even before they take a major shape.

2. Full body workout: Yoga gives a person full body exercise, which means that it gives very good exercise to all the parts of your kid’s body. Many poses like the Sun Salutation Pose (Surya Namaskar) is one of the Yoga poses that take care of almost the whole body’s well being. This way your child is able to gain the benefit of a full body workout while she is at the Yoga class.

3. Exercising the mind: Practising Yoga doesn’t just mean exercising the body, it also means exercising the mind. Meditation is also a part of Yoga and can help kids relax very naturally. This helps them to focus better and have a one track mind in the long run

4. Great for joints and muscles: Yoga is excellent for a child’s body because it stretches the joints, lengthens the muscles and keeps many diseases and health conditions at bay. It facilitates proper development of the bones, brain and other growing parts of your child’s body.

5. Dealing with obesity: Due to the increased exposure to gadgets these days, obesity in kids is a worrying issue for all parents. Yoga deals with obesity in kids very easily and can help your child not gain unnecessary weight or lose the extra weight that he has gained.

6. Height issues: Attaining a proper physical height is a major concern in kids as well as for their parents. Certain Yoga poses can help your child increase her height and grow to the fullest of her capability.

As a parent, you should make every effort to encourage your child to practice Yoga on a regular basis. It is best to enroll her in a Yoga class and ask the parents of her friends as well, to do the same.  Once your kid practices Yoga at least for a month on a regular basis she herself will feel great and will look forward to attending her Yoga class every day.

If your child is not willing to step out of the house to practice Yoga in a class, you can hire a Yoga trainer to come home and teach her a few basic poses, to begin with. Once she develops an interest in this discipline she will surely not resist attending a Yoga class to gain better results.

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