4 Ways to Encourage Children to Cherish Wildlife

Ways to teach children to cherish wildlife

It is important to engage children and youth in our efforts to conserve wildlife in a more practical manner. We all want our children to reap the benefits of nature, be inspired and be stunned by its beauty, hence, it is crucial that we take active steps to make that happen – by buying them books, taking them out to parks and taking trips to the jungle. We need to make an effort to ensure that the wild is visible and accessible to them. Only then will there be a chance that they will get to like it!

Here are some things you can do:

4 Ways to Encourage Children to Cherish Wildlife



Tales from the Jungles - Books about Wildlife for Children

Children today are growing up in an age of deforestation and urbanization and hence it very vital that we teach our children to protect and preserve our precious wildlife.  Reading up about animals in their natural habitats can inspire children to create a better world where wildlife is cherished and sustained.  Choose books that talk about wildlife conservation and stories about wildlife or choose those that teach facts about wildlife.


Best wildlife experiences in India

There is nothing as important as experience to make the next generation more aware of the importance of wildlife. Sensitivity comes from using our all senses – Seeing, hearing, smelling. Children can realize the value of nature only when they experience it. Get children to experience wildlife at a national park. Go visit a zoo. Participate in local nature walks, bird walks, and nature clubs.


Spread awareness and conservation of nature and wildlife through storytelling or interactive games, on any medium that develops social bonding. Engage children in activities and games that stress the importance of wildlife.


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Playing is one of the best ways to get children to understand a concept. Play fun, educational games that get children curious and excited about nature and wildlife. 


It is our duty as co-inhabitants of earth that we love nature and help save and preserve all species. Our active participation is the only thing that can save our planet!




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