10 Rainy Day Activities to enjoy with your kids at Home!

Raincoats and umbrellas are out and ready.

Bid adieu to the burning summer tan and welcome monsoon. As showers of rain hit the ground, everyone around seem to enjoy the weather. However, kids seem a little unhappy about staying indoors and moms are busy hunting activities to keep their little ones productive. Here are a few indoor rainy season activities that will definitely bring a huge smile on your kid’s face.

1. Try some Origami



Making paper boats and racing it in water puddle has been adventurous rainy day sport since time immemorial. Fold colorful bits of papers transforming these into Windmills, fishes, boats, butterflies and other objects and let the kids play with it.

2. Find worms and make a shed 


Kids love to run around in the house. Encourage your child to find little worms and make a small shed for these little creatures. Use a clear jar or an old tall glass to collect the worms and see them move in their sheds.

3. Get Crafty 


Try a hand on Rainbow crafts with your kid. Splash some paints and make a rainbow collage, practice colors, match some colorful popsicles, or just let the little one use colorful gel to recognize colors. Finger paint or different materials like foam, felt or velvet is sure to keeps the excitement going.

4. Wear your Chef’s Ha

Bake a rainbow theme cake, cupcake or cookies. Use different shapes to have more fun. Chocolate making also excites the kids. Let them get creative with decoration ideas. Colorful sprinkles, choco chips, wafers, and other simple ingredients can be used. Kids will sure enjoy culinary skills in the kitchen on a rainy day.


5. Musical Masti 


Compose a new rhythm or go karaoke. Assemble some household items and turn it into a rocking musical instrument. A bottle shaker out of used plastic bottles is a great idea. Fill in lentils or rice or dried pasta into an old can or egg carton and watch what wonders it does in the hands of your little one.

6. Spark up Science 


Let the kids experiment with the water bubbles. You can spray shaving foam and add a tint of colors to create a colorful painting. Kids also learn to mix colors. Create a tornado in a jar or try other DIY experiments with Jellies. It’s fun to examine and understand science better while staying indoors. Also take a look at our Science O Fun kits.

7. Dance to your favorite tune 

Play your child’s favorite rhymes and do some boogie-woogie. Make some movement flashcards like crawl, jump, hop, swing and let your child pick the card of his choice and rock and roll.

8. Play and Explore 


Colorful water beads are the finest of sensory activities for your little one. You can let them dump or spill in different trays or containers and stimulate gross motor skills in your child. Vibrant, eye-catching, sticky and slippery as these are, it will surely keep your kid interestingly engaged for hours.

9. Readout loud 

Grab a storybook, read aloud a story of his choice. Storytelling sessions delight the kids for sure. Imagining their hero fighting the monsters is always fun. You can also watch a movie together on television and mimic the dialogues. It’s always fun.

10. Splash and Puddle up 


Kids love mess. You need not wait for the rain to get over. Just go, get wet, and get messy in the mud. Wear on your puddle shoes, roll up your pants and jump together in the pool of water in the backyard. Hop, jump and play around for a while. It will surely get your kids chuckling.

Do let us know when you enjoy these little activities with monsoon showers. Happy Monsoon!

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