Fun & Exciting Chocolate Art and Craft Activities

Looking for some fun and exciting Chocolate themed activities to do with your children? Enjoy some of these awesome chocolate based activities! What’s more? You can also read up one of these Chocolate Themed Books and pair it with one of these activities!

Fun & Exciting Chocolate Art and Craft Activities


There are so many fun art and crafts you can do with chocolate. Here are a few of our favourites!

Chocolate Play Dough

Make this super simple no-cook chocolate play dough recipe.

Chocolate Bowls

Chocolate Spoons

These quick to make chocolate spoons make great gifts for all ages.

Chocolate Wrapper Roses

Eat those chocolates and transform their wrappers into beautiful roses! You can keep the roses or gift them!

You can look up more candy wrapper ideas here.

Play with Chocolates or Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science with these chocolate themed science experiments!

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