Delicious Chocolate Themed Books for all the Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is not just any food. The cultivation of cacao beans dates back to 3000 years ago in Mesoamerica, where Olmecs and Mayas called it “Theobroma Cacao” or “the food of the Gods”. The Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and the seeds once had so much value that they were used as a form of currency.

Chocolates are today one of the most loved foods all over the world! Here are some chocolate themed books for you to relish. So grab that chocolate bar and read on.

Delicious Chocolate Themed Reads for all the Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Themed Fiction

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Books About Chocolate - Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Mr Willy Wonka is the most extraordinary chocolate maker in the world.
And do you know who Charlie is? Charlie Bucket is the hero. The other children in this book are nasty little beasts, called: Augustus Gloop – a great big greedy nincompoop; Veruca Salt – a spoiled brat; Violet Beauregarde – a repulsive little gum-chewer; Mike Teavee – a boy who only watches television.
Clutching their Golden Tickets, they arrive at Wonka’s chocolate factory. But what mysterious secrets will they discover?

The Bear Who Loved Chocolate by Leela Hope

Books About Chocolate - The Bear Who Loved Chocolate

Want your children to eat healthy foods instead of just candy? How can you convince your children to eat healthy food? Chocolate Bear is about a bear cub who only wants to eat chocolate. Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner! When he runs out of his favorite food, he just cries and cries. What will Chocolate Bear do? Where will he find more chocolate? Will he ever learn to eat other foods? Read this eBook to find out how Chocolate Bear learns to solve his problem. Chocolate Bear is a delightfully illustrated children’s book for you and your children to read together. This story is suitable as a read-aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginner readers.

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith

Books About Chocolate - Chocolate Fever

Henry Green is a boy who loves chocolate. He likes it bitter, sweet, dark, light, and daily; for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks; in cakes, candy bars, milk, and every other form you can possibly imagine. Henry probably loves chocolate more than any boy in the history of the world. One day-it starts off like any other day-Henry finds that strange things are happening to him. First he makes medical history with the only case of Chocolate Fever ever. Then he finds himself caught up in a wild and hilarious chase, climaxed by a very unusual hijacking!

Sweet Secrets in Pennsylvania (Just In Time series book #2) by Cheri Pray Earl and Carol Lynch Williams

Books About Chocolate - Sweet Secrets

In this adventure, George and Gracie travel back in time to Hershey, Pennsylvania 1907. Their mission: to return an antique rug and rescue their parents. When the time machine lands them smack dab in the middle of a barn, George turns into . . . something pretty weird. And Gracie drives a car into a fence. They meet Milton Hershey, the chocolate king, who invites them to be his chocolate tasters. But when George and Gracie discover a plot to steal Mr. Hershey’s perfect and secret chocolate recipe, they put themselves in danger to stop the thieves. Meanwhile, the evil villain, Crowe, is two steps from catching them and their time machine and he’s closing in!

Thea Stilton and the Chocolate Sabotage by Thea Stilton (Thea Stilton series #19)

Books About Chocolate - Chocolate Sabotage

In this book, Thea Stilton, who is the sister of Geronimo Stilton and the special correspondent of Mouse Island’s favourite newspaper The Rodent Gazette, is visiting her friend who runs a chocolate factory in Ecuador. Thea is not alone on this sweet visit, for the other Thea sisters are accompanying her too. Unfortunately and quite suddenly, the factory begins to malfunction. Some bitterness has crept into the sweet times. Could it be someone’s sabotage or is it just a minor glitch is the doubt caused in the mind of the factory owner. It is up to the Thea Sisters to get down to the bottom of all that bitterness and bring out the sweetness.

Cam Jansen and the Chocolate Fudge Mystery  (Cam Jansen Mystery series #14) by David A. Adler

Books About Chocolate - Chocolate Fudge Mystery

Amateur detective Cam Jansen and her friend, Eric, set out to raise money for the library by selling fudge, but they soon stumble upon a mystery behind closed doors

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart by Kevin Henkes
Books About Chocolate - Lillys Chocolate Heart

Lilly loves her chocolate heart.
Will she save it?
Forever and ever?
What do you think?

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling

Books About Chocolate - Chocolate Touch

In this zany twist on the legend of King Midas and his golden touch, a boy acquires a magical gift that turns everything his lips touch into chocolate! Can you ever have too much of your favorite food? John Midas is about to find out….

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders

Books About Chocolate - Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

Oz and Lily’s family have inherited an ancient chocolate shop and they’re moving in upstairs. It’s the perfect home … apart from the small fact that it’s haunted. And then they discover some solid gold chocolate moulds – with magic powers! Soon the ghosts are joined by some evil villains determined to get their hands on the priceless secrets of the magical chocolate.

Chocolate War written by Robert Cormier

Books About Chocolate - Chocolate War

The headmaster of Trinity College asks Archie Costello, the leader of the Vigils, a secret society that rules the school, to help with the selling of 20,000 boxes of chocolates in the annual fund-raising effort. Archie sees the chance of adding to his power – he is the Assigner, handing out to the boys tasks to be performed if they are to survive in the school. Freshman, Jerry Renault, a newcomer to the corrupt regime, refuses to sell chocolates. Enormous mental and physical pressure is put on him but he will not give in, the result is an inevitable, explosive tragedy.

Chocolate Themed Non-Fiction

No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart and Allen Young

Books About Chocolate - No Monkeys No Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, right? But how many people actually know where chocolate comes from? How it’s made? Or that monkeys do their part to help this delicious sweet exist? A secondary layer of text delves deeper into statements such as “Cocoa flowers can’t bloom without cocoa leaves . . . and maggots,” explaining the interdependence of the plants and animals in the tropical rain forests. Two wise-cracking bookworms appear on every page, adding humor and further commentary, making this book accessible to readers of different ages and reading levels. Back matter includes information about cocoa farming and rain forest preservation, as well as an author’s note.

Chocolate: Sweet Science & Dark Secrets of the World’s Favorite Treat written by Kay Frydenborg

Books About Chocolate - Chocolate

Chocolate hits all the right sweet–and bitter–notes: cutting-edge genetic science whisked in with a strong social conscience, history, and culture yield one thought-provoking look into one of the world’s most popular foods. Readers who savored Chew on This and Food, Inc. and lovers of chocolate will relish this fascinating read.

Totally Triffic Chocolate by Alan MacDonald

Books About Chocolate - Totally Triffic Chocolate

Ever wanted to know… \* Who banned chocolate and started a war? \* Why murderers liked chocolate? \* Why chocolate is GOOD for your teeth? It’s all in … Totally Triffic Chocolate!

DK Readers:  The Story of Chocolate by C.J. Polin

Books About Chocolate - Story Of Chocolate

A mouthwatering book about chocolate for advanced young readers. Includes gorgeous photography and a full glossary. Full of deliciously tempting facts about everyone’s favorite candy.

Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift’s “Chocolate Pilot” written by Michael O. Tunnell

Books About Chocolate - Candy Bomber

One WWII pilot’s mission to lift the spirits of children living in war-torn Berlin in 1945 comes to life in this moving middle-grade historical account. After World War II the United States and Britain airlifted food and supplies into Russian-blockaded West Berlin. US Air Force Lieutenant Gail S. Halvorsen knew the children of the city were suffering. To bring a bit of hope, he began dropping chocolate and chewing gum by parachute. What began as a one-time gesture of compassion turned into an official U.S. Air Force operation. “Operation Little Vittles” grew, as more and more pilots volunteered to drop the parachutes, and donations of candy and cloth poured in from all over. This inspiring story of one man’s contribution to the rebuilding of a country after war is a unique look at history.
Illustrated with archival photographs, personal photographs from Lt. Gail Halvorsen—the Chocolate Pilot—letters, and documents, Candy Bomber is an important and interesting addition to studies of World War II.

Milton Hershey: Young Chocolatier (Childhood of Famous Americans series) written by M.M. Eboch

Books About Chocolate - Milton Hershey

Did you know that the man behind Hershey’s chocolate used to work in an ice cream parlor? Or that he had to try over and over again to get his now-famous chocolate to taste as delicious as it does today? Milton Hershey’s life wasn’t always a bowl of chocolate Kisses. When he was in fourth grade, he even had to drop out of school and work to help his poor family make ends meet. Read all about how the man we know as the famous young chocolatier finally struck it rich — in money, love, and chocolate!

There’s never a wrong time to eat…….I mean, read about chocolate!  So get reading… and eating! Which books on chocolate have YOU read and would recommend?

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