A Parent’s Guide to Chocolatey Read, Make, Do and Play!

A Parent's Guide to MAKE DO READ AND PLAY Chocolatey

I sometimes come as a slab
And sometimes come as a chip
And sometimes I am a bar
Or fondue in which to dip.

What am I?

Chocolate, of course!

Chocolate is the most popular fun food in the world. Not only does eating chocolate make you feel good, but it may also be good for your heart and your brain (when eaten in moderation, of course!). Chocolate is prepared from the fruit of the Theobroma cacao, a tropical tree whose name means “food of the gods” in Latin. From Latin America to the modern day, chocolate has come a long way to get to you.

Intrigued? Learn about the fascinating History of Chocolate in this awesome TEDEd Video.

We have all seen how a child’s face lights up when you mention chocolate in a conversation with them. What do you think will happen when sweet meets fun? How about activities that kindle a child’s creativity and also have them all smiles after a delicious chocolatey treat?

Children learn better when they are engaged in hands-on activities so these are a great way to get them involved. Enjoy some of these awesome chocolate based activities!

Fun & Exciting Chocolatey Read, Make, Do & Play 


Chocolates are today one of the most loved foods all over the world! Here are some chocolate themed books for you to relish. So grab that chocolate bar and read on. Pair up these books with some chocolate themed Art Activities or STEM Activities.


Looking for some fun and exciting Chocolate themed activities to do with your children? Enjoy some of these awesome chocolate based activities!


Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science with these chocolate themed science experiments.

Source: https://www.chemistryworld.com/features/well-tempered-chocolate/9200.article


Kids will adore these chocolatey games that all involve getting something sweet in their mouths!

Chocolate Games - Play, Eat, Repeat


Check out these sinfully delicious chocolate recipes that will delight ALL chocoholics!

Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Little Chocoholics!
Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Little Chocoholics!


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