8 Awesome Reasons To Encourage Your Kids to Learn Astronomy

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Space is a very exciting place. It’s one of our last frontiers, there’s a lot we don’t know about it and there’s a lot of it to explore! There is plenty for children to get excited about in Astronomy. Kids (and even adults) find it thrilling to learn about the unknown. Kindling in your children, an interest in astronomy can provide them a lifetime of delight, a sense of wonder at the universe, a lifelong hobby, as well as a possible professional career for them in later years!

Here are some positive benefits for children to learn about or Astronomy:

8 Awesome Reasons To Encourage Your Kids to Learn Astronomy

Builds interest in Science

Space is intriguing and wondrous and mystifying. Questions like – Is there life out there? How did the Earth come into existence? Does the Universe end? – engages children easily with its mystery and wonder. Children love to talk about stars, planets, supernova, moons, comets, and asteroids. Thinking up about astronomy also kindles an interest in related Science subjects like physics, math and more!  From the iPhone and Kodak film to GPS and defense satellites to MRI technology, breadth and depth of concepts, inventions and applications can be traced back to astronomical roots.

Gets children into nature, away from screens

It’s an awesome experience to be out under the night sky. The dark night and expansive sky offers not just the feeling of mystery and spookiness but also peace, serenity. Since by nature, astronomy requires the absence of artificial light, all those gadgets need to be turned off!  So natural environment plus no screens – a great combo! There’s no way better to learn astronomy unless you get outside and look up, and this gives children a wonderful opportunity to get fresh air, go camping, light a campfire, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Piques curiosity

No matter what the age, Astronomy amazes and inspires all of us! We know very little about our Universe. The desire to explore the unknown unleashes the questions and arouses curiosity in children. Questioning and wondering leads to more questions and lets children uncover their inner scientist. Thinking of the possibilities of what can exist in the infinite miles beyond our planet, pushes their imaginations and ignites their natural curiosity.

Cultivates a lifelong interest in learning and a valuable hobby

Looking through a telescope and seeing the heavens offers an unforgettable experience. Children can easily get hooked to astronomy and learning about the unknown and many carry this interest in learning well into their lives.

It is a perfect family bonding activity

Engaging in astronomy is something that the entire family can do together. Spending the night under stars, looking for planets can trigger lots of questions and a sense of wonder in children and offers parents the opportunity to talk and explore the tranquil surroundings.

Helps understand literature and mythology

Knowing basic astronomy can help children to comprehend classical literature that refers to stellar observations; like how Odysseus used the stars to navigate his ship in The Odyssey. Many works of Astronomy were written by Home, Aristotle, and Shakespeare. Not just literature, astronomy also helps children understand Mythology. Every constellation has a story and all ancient cultures looked for images in the sky and many of these stories have been passed on as traditions, myths, and fables.

Helps understand our daily rhythms

Astronomy helps us to understand the everyday realities we take for granted. Our daily rhythms and routines like clocks, calendars, leap years; the rising and setting of the sun and the passing of seasons – all make sense by understanding astronomy.

Teaches humility

Learning about the scale size of our Earth and the Universe teaches children our place in the Universe! They learn humility while gaining a connection with the Universe.  Astronomy constantly reminds us that the universe is infinite and we are only the tiniest fraction of importance. It also teaches us that life is extraordinary and precious. A home as beautiful and unique as our Earth is rare and we must protect it.

Carl Sagan once said, “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” So, get out under the stars with your family. Enjoy the wonder and the peace that it offers and be amazed at how the questions will lead you to a lifelong passion for learning more!  Are you ready to inspire your children into the world of astronomy?

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