Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Little Chocoholics!

Sinfully Delicious Chocolate Recipes for Little Chocoholics!

Chocolate is, without a doubt, the world’s favorite indulgence! And it has come a long way in history! Did you know that M&Ms were invented for WWII soldiers as the chocolate that wouldn’t melt in their hands? Or that Marie Antoinette had her own personal chocolate maker? Or that Thomas Jefferson predicted that chocolate would outstrip coffee as the most popular drink in America?

Check out these sinfully delicious chocolate recipes that will delight chocoholics everywhere!

Five Star Chocolate Bar Cake

A yummy sweet treat with coconut and cornflakes suspended in a chewy caramel-like base and topped with chocolate. Everyone will relish this chocolatey cake. Plus it is so easy to make!

Five Star Bar Cake

Crunchy Choco Balls

Yummy, Crunchy and easy!

Easy Nutella and Milk Icecream

Can ice-cream be this easy??

Frozen Chocolate Bananas

A dessert full of Potassium and Antioxidants.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, anyone? Here’s a yummy recipe for this drink doubles up as a dessert too.

No-Bake Cocoa Oats Cookies Recipe

Easy to make no bake cookies with chocolate and oats – Absolutely delicious!

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