3 easy DIY Ideas to celebrate Janmashtami with kids

Janmashtami – The Birth of Krishna

On a dark stormy night, in the jail of Mathura, to the blast of lightning, little Natkhat Bal Gopal was born. Janmashtami is celebrated with great pomp and show all over India to mark the birth of Nanhe Krishna and to brood over the mischief and fun! Kids love it the most due to Dahi Handi festival where people form a human tower to break the handi pot full of Dahi or butter. Little ones dress up as Bal Krishna or Radha and enjoy the delicacies made at home. Here are some DIY Ideas to make with kids at home and make the celebration even more fun!

DIY Ideas for Janmashtami – Make Celebrations Fun!

1. Popsicle Stick Jhula (Swing) –

Material –
18 Popsicle Sticks
Red Velvet Paper
Twine Thread
Lace for decoration

Procedure –
• Stick 4 Popsicle sticks to make a square and base of the Jhula.
• Now glue 2 Popsicle sticks to make X shape. Make 2 sets and stick it on opposite sides of the square base to make the pillars of the Jhula
• Glue a stick on top of the X portion to tie the thread with the seat.
• Take 5 sticks and glue it together. Trim the sides to make a rectangle shape for the seat. Once dry, cover it with Red velvet paper.
• To make the sides, stick Popsicle sticks on 4 sides of the rectangle at 90 degrees
• Now use a twine thread to stick the seat to the pillars.
• Decorate with colors, lace, kundans as per your choice.

Your very own Jhoola for the little Krishna is ready! Swing away!!

Here is another way to make a cradle for the little Krishna!

2. Gems Ball Makhan Matki (Pot) –

Material –
1 Gem Ball
Glass Bangles
Lace for decoration

Procedure –
• Open the Gem Ball. Stick 2 bangles on the brim of the ball.
• Invert the lid and cut it in the center. Now stick a bangle on top of it and stick the inverted lid on top of the bangles of the brim to form a matki (pot) shape.
• Stick 5 bangles one on top of another and stick it to the bottom of the ball to make a stand.
• Roll the newspaper and cover it with tape to form a stick. Decorate it with lace and beads.
• Stuff the Lid with Cotton to look like Makhan and insert the newspaper stick.
• Now use the wool to hang the Matki as per your choice. You can further decorate the Matki with kundan, glitter, and colors of your choice.

You could alternatively use a Kulfi pot and decorate it too!

Your Makhan Pot is ready! Go on and play!! 

3. Cotton Bud Mukut (Crown) – 

Material –
Chart Paper
Cotton buds
Pearl strings
Kundan Stones

Procedure –
• Cut the Chart Paper in mukut (Crown) shape with the base belt to tie around the head
• Cut out the top cotton parts of the buds and paint it with blue and green color
• Now stick the blue and green buds alternatively at the edges of the mukut.
• Decorate the mukut with beads, pearls, and kundans.
• Glue the lace on the base belt.

Coronation Time! Use the crown on your little Krishna statue or on your own little child for role-playing!

How are you celebrating Krishna Janmashtami? Narrate stories of Krishna to your children or better still, read these 11 Books about Krishna for Children.

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