A Page from a Principal’s Diary

From where I stand, I see a world buzzing with so many varied emotions and dynamics that it often leaves one asking -“ What is it that happened just now?” But when you sit back, take a breather and contemplate, you realize you have encountered raw human emotions because that is what parenting is all about. When we talk of parents, we, who are in the field of education dealing with parents from different walks of life, nod wisely, raise an eyebrow, try to say a lot, and then end up with just a hmmmm!

As a Principal, I have had the good fortune of coming across parents who have sometimes given me a lot of hope and some who have shocked me out of my wits. Most have made me realise that I need to have a kitty full of reassurances and sometimes answers which under normal circumstances I would swallow hard before uttering.

But to expect everyone to be of a certain nature and fit into a mold would be a question mark on my intellect.
Schooling and parenting are definitely not what it was 40/45 years ago when we were growing up. Expecting it to be the same now is against the basic tenet of change. With development and changes, ideology also varies. In a
way, it is inevitable, but what need not be inevitable is the basic principles upon which we bring up our children.

The psychological and emotional development of a child is rooted in their stable upbringing and unconditional love. You nurture a child, give the child enough independence and confidence to explore. You allow the child to come
across obstacles and learn from those obstacles and you will have an adult ready to face life.

However, the reality in today’s world is something else.

Why are we against our children carrying their own bags?
Why do we feel our kids should not get their hands dirty by playing in the sand?
Why aren’t we feeling the need for our children to be on time?

And, the most difficult and important question of all times – Why is any course of study other than Graduating in IIT beneath one’s dignity?

Well! My take on this is ….

The answers to the doubts above and many more, which are struggling to come out of the Pandoras’s Box lie in our society. Most of us grew up playing pittu, marbles, hide and seek. We rejoiced and spilled over on to the streets when the power used to go off. We used to exchange storybooks and head over to the rental libraries to pour
over when we were done with the limited ones we and our friends had. We walked or cycled to reach our destinations and we grew up just fine.

But, when I look around I see that anxiety, concerns for safety and undue expectations have made us tie ourselves into complicated knots that are giving us all nothing but a whole lot of discomfort. Let us not stop our kids from dirtying their hands and legs. Teach them to tidy up and clean themselves after playing. Let’s not have worried brows when our children carry their own bags and weight. Let’s make them understand that one needs to stand on one’s own feet. Let’s teach them to do things on time, else they will miss the train….

Having said that, I wish there was a SINGLE MAGICAL FORMULA for good parenting and when the magic wand is waved …Abracadabra… we have the perfect solutions.

So, is there a single formula that you know of? I doubt it! But I would be glad to hear all the ideas and thoughts which would help us all in understanding our kids and raising them well.

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