10 ways you can make your child’s birthday special!

Wondering what to do for your child’s upcoming birthday? Birthdays demand celebration! And celebrate; you can, in myriad ways! Whatever way you choose, all that you intend is to make the day special for your child!

Here are some super simple, adorable and fun ideas to create a bit of magic and make your kid’s birthday as special as he or she is! Transform your child’s birthday into something magical that he/she will always remember.

Throw in a surprise!

Decorate the room/house with “Happy Birthday” wherever you can! You could use toothpaste or shaving cream to write on the mirror! Or make a breakfast that reads “Happy Birthday”. How about decorating the room with balloons and streamers to give your child a surprise when he opens his eyes? Or sneak in love notes in their lunch bag! A simple little surprise or a simple tweak on the ordinary things show that you care about them, and that’s the most valuable thing of all. Special birthday celebrations

Celebrate the minute

Celebrate the exact minute of his or her birth as if it were midnight on New Year’s Eve. Bang pots and pans and throw confetti!

Snap it up

Take an identically posed photo of your child every year on the big day. Put them in a video or a slide show to surprise them a few years later! Imagine seeing these pictures together every year! You could also include their hand/foot prints! Add this to a “Memory Box” or “Time Capsule” every year and enjoy it in the years to come.

Special ways to celebrate a birthday

Pen a letter

Write your child a birthday letter every year. Say how you’ve seen them grow and change and why they are so special. Put in their milestones and likes and dislikes. If your child isn’t yet old enough to cherish the letters, save them for later. You could read these every year! You can add this to a “Memory Box” or “Time Capsule” every year and enjoy it in the years to come.

Look back on memories

Reminisce about the day your child was born and share your favourite memories. Look at their baby photos, re-read any cards or letters you have, watch old videos of them, and share funny stories. Children never get tired of hearing stories about when they were younger. They love it and crave for it!

Gather all the love

Have everyone in your family (and their friends too) tell your child what they love about them. Shoot videos or get them to write letters if they can’t call. It will boost your kid’s self-esteem and bring them closer to their loved ones.

Birthday Treasure Hunt

Play birthday present treasure hunt! Hide a present and give your birthday kid clues to find it. Make finding the present every bit as fun as opening it. You could also leave small surprises (notes or gifts) all over the house.

Be together

Spend the day together doing something enjoyable together. You could read together or watch a movie. Have a picnic, do some DIY – anything that your child loves to do. Remember, the best gift you can give your child is your time, energy, and attention.

Party in a Bag

Make a “Party in a Bag”, for a needy child – Not everybody gets a birthday party. Many families have financial limitations and may not be able to celebrate their child’s birthday. Let your children help plan a birthday party for a child who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Let them pick out cake mix, sweet treats, plates, candles, party favors, and balloons. Make a special birthday card and even throw in a gift or a gift card. Then donate the bag. Teaching your kid to think beyond themselves on their birthday will make the day extra meaningful.

Go to a special place

Take them somewhere special to celebrate with their family and friends. Choose venues that the child will enjoy – play areas or parks. Why not try a picnic at a botanical garden? Or a nature reserve? Show them how experiences add value and to make the most of it!





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