Dear stress, let’s breakup!!! (School / Syllabus / Stress)

School, Syllabus and Stress – these three topics are interlinked with each other. The kindergarten is about to begin with their new term. When a toddler goes to a play house or preschool or kindergarten, it is a transition in a toddler’s life. As parents we prepare our children, step by step,  for these transitions to make the journey smooth, comfortable and acceptable.

But, here I feel, we as parents, also go through a transition. We need to also prepare ourselves step by step for the transition that happens in our life. This preparation will help the journey for us and our children very easy.

A few points Kindergarten parents should know……

  1. Make proper and regular routine for your child. Mainly include meal time, play time and bed time in these routines.
  2. Make a habit of early bed time, so that the child is fresh when he goes to school.
  3. The child should know his complete name and if possible parent’s name and phone number.
  4. The kindergarten clothing should be easy to put on and take off if they need to be changed at school.
  5. Do not stuff them with uncomfortable clothing.
  6. Label all the belongings of the child properly.
  7. Meet the teacher in advance.
  8. Attend the open house or the orientation of the school. This will help you to know the school better.
  9. Include your child in all the shopping and preparations you do related to the school.
  10. Try to make school opening a fun and exciting event.
  11. Try small separation periods before the child starts kindergarten. This will make quick and swift transition.
  12. Give children time to adjust and get comfortable in a new environment.
  13. Always say a goodbye before you leave your child. Never sneak out.

No Shooting questions to children

  1. As soon as the child back from school, it is very important for us to make the child feel comfortable first.
  2. Our questions to children about the school actually matters.
  3. Do not be over-inquisitive and impatient to know what our children do at school.
  4. We need to hold back our feelings, as our children don’t like Detective Mommies.
  5. Ask the questions that involve and interest the children to talk about in detail.



  1. Children today are loaded with lots and lots of books, assignments, project works, homework etc.
  2. Five-year-old children are no longer treated as babies. Kindergarten is getting tough day by day.
  3. Introducing too many concepts is unfair. Proper time is not given for a child to understand a concept.
  4. The main drawback of modern education is ‘one sizes fits all’.
  5. Modern syllabus is based on age level and not ability level.
  6. Increasing, irrational, accelerated, curriculum only pressurizes children to learn and parents to teach long before children’s developing minds are ready to learn.
  7. Pushing children to learn at early age is counterproductive, it dilutes the foundation and steals childhood.
  8. Today’s syllabus is more likely to encounter skills, drills and homework.

Counter Productive Effects: –

Counter Productive Effects

  • Children loose enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  • They lack concentration and attention spans.
  • The performance starts deteriorating.
  • Children are burnt out on schools and education very early.

Our Approach: –

  • Our role as parents plays an integral part in defining pressure and comfort.
  • We should focus on the ability level of a child.
  • We should wait for the child to be developmentally ready.
  • We should be calm and positive.
  • We should treat schools and education as a normal course of event.
  • We should serve our children according to their interest, readiness and capability.


Conclusion: –

Stop over scheduling

We expect our children to concentrate for long hours at the cost of play.

Give free time

We should give free time to ourselves and our children.

In this time nothing should be pressurized not even play.

There should be no learning, no goal, no competition expected out of this free time.

Don’t be study obsessed

Avoid discussions about education, school, assignments and projects all the time.

Cut down on expectations

Don’t over expect, understand that every child is an individual.

Armed with these insider tips, I am sure your child and you will sail through the transition as smoothly as possible.

What are your tried and tested tips? Share with us!

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