Get tinkering! DIY Projects for budding Engineers

Engineering DIY Projects for Kids

Do you have a budding engineer at home? Do they like to make stuff that actually “does stuff!”? One of the best things about doing these DIY projects is that children actually learn how things work. It’s not just about creating the DIY – but also making it do something. Children will love to learn engineering concepts through these fun activities.

Here are some fun DIY engineering projects just for kids that you and your family will enjoy. These projects and activities blend creative thinking, craft, DIY, innovation, and hands-on engineering!  Use your best judgment and provide adult supervision and guidance when and where needed.

Ice Architecture by AlmostUnschoolers

Build an Ice Cube Roman Arch

Build a LEGO Water Wheel from

Use those legos and make a water wheel!

Lego Water Wheel

Pyramid Catapult by from the book ‘Rubber Band Engineer’

What’s the 1st thing you’ll put in this catapult?

Pyramid Catapult

Newspaper Play Structures by Inner Child Fun

Fun and easy play tent

Newspaper Play Tents


Homemade Weather Vane and Compass Activity By

Want to see which way the wind blows? Make this weather vane and compass with your kids and track it!

Engineering DIY - Weather Vane and Compass

DIY smartphone projector By

Make this cool tool to work with your smartphones!

Engineering DIY - Smart Phone Projector

Engineer This Design and Build an Air Powered Car At

Build your own air-powered mini car?

Engineering DIY - Air Powered Mini Car

Q Tip Maze by

Create a maze and then see who can find their way out!

Engineering DIY - Q-Tip-Maze

Build a Winch Simple Machine STEM Idea By

Easy and Fun to make a working winch!

Engineering DIY - WInch

Movable Pulley  by Carrots are Orange

Practical and so easy!Engineering DIY - Pulley

Building with Paper (Simple Engineering Challenge) by Deceptively Educational

Can you build with paper? Test the strength of paper with this project.

Engineering DIY - Building with Paper Challenge

Popsicle Stick Bridge Challenge by BusyKidsHappyMom

How many kinds of bridges can you build?

Engineering DIY - Popsicle Stick bridges

Extending Grabber By from the book ‘Rubber Band Engineer’

Grab those candies with this grabber!

Engineering DIY - Extending-Grabber

Straw Roller Coaster From

Drinking straws are not just for milk or lemonade, but for engineering and science too. Make a fun roller coaster!

Engineering DIY - Straw Roller Coaster

Rubberband Helicopter by LanceMakes in Instructables

Now you can make and fly your helicopters!

Engineering DIY - Rubberband Helicopters

Propeller Car By, from the book ‘Rubber Band Engineer’ 

Here’s a fun engineering project.

Engineering DIY - Propeller-Car

Robot Hand by KaplanCo

Create DIY Robot Hands from paper, straws, and string with this hands-on learning activity

Engineering DIY - Robot Hand

Do you know what STEM is? Read about STEM and it’s benefits. Check out STEM Academies near you or these Engineering Games, Toys and DIY Kits for Children. This list of Books can help you get started with Hands-on STEM

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