Hooray for Teachers -10 DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers

DIY Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreication

10 Great DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.  Our educators need to be appreciated because of their efforts to mould children into intelligent and responsible human beings. Teacher’s Day is the right occasion to show our appreciation to the torch-bearers of education. And what better gift than handmade or personalized ones to reflect your love and gratefulness!

Here are 10 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gift ideas for teachers that are fun and easy to make. Click on the links to learn how to make them.

  1. Desk Organiser

    This easy to make and colorful desk organizer will surely be of use to the teachers!


DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers - Desk Organisers


  1. Teachers Rule – Message in a photo frame

DIY Gifts for Teachers - Teachers Rule

  1. Crayon Photo Frame

 DIY Gifts for Teachers - Crayon Photo Frame

  1. Chalkboard Potted Plant

     DIY Gifts for Teachers - Potted Plan

  1. Unique Mason Jar teacher Gifts

 DIY Gifts for Teachers - 15-Unique-Mason-Jar-Teacher-Gifts

  1. Superhero Teacher Chocolate bar

     DIY Gifts for Teachers - Superhero teacher

  1. Plant Gifts

     DIY Gifts for Teachers - Plant-Gifts-for-Teachers-from-Bren-Did

  1. Upcycled DIY Gift Ideas

    If you’re looking for some great, unique ideas of gifts to give your teachers, check out these 20  amazing gift ideas, created – or rather upcycled – from some everyday items, to make some pretty awesome gifts that you’re teachers likely have NEVER gotten from another student before.

     DIY Gifts for Teachers - Upcycled Teachers Gifts

  2. Personalised Clipboard

Make a personalized clipboard using viny to gift to your favorite teacher!

Message on Clipboard - DIY Gifts for Teachers

10. Teacher’s Appreciation Cards

So many ideas to make a card for your teachers!

 DIY Gifts for Teachers - Appreciation Cards

Also, take a look at all these ways to show your teacher you are thankful, with these FREE Teacher Appreciation Printables

What are you planning to do for Teacher’s Day? Read these Children’s Books about Teachers.

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