Switch Gears! 10 Best STEM Academies in Pune

STEM Academies in Pune

STEM Education matters

STEM is trending these days! STEM is the future. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These are all areas of learning that our children need to be comfortable with to excel in the future. STEM Education aims to make creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors. Engaging kids in simple STEM activities at an early age today sets a foundation for higher learning tomorrow. Here are some STEM Academies in Pune that offer STEM education and courses.

  1. Stem Square

Every child is a genius in the making. STEM² programs are designed for 4- 16yrs and are interesting, inspiring and futuristic. Students can imagine the future and inspire knowledge from their uniquely designed hands-on program for school and after-school students. Programs for each grade are specifically designed by engineers, experts from industry and educators to specifically address “ why, how, what”.

  1. Build My Robo

BuildMyRobo offers various learning programs on robotics ranging from Build-it-yourself kits to most advanced technologies in the robotics which involve designing, programming and building the robots by the students themselves. Various types of robots can be built using the indigenous technologies developed by our expert faculties who come from the robotics and automation industry. Students in the age group of 5 yrs to 16 yrs. can participate in the robot building activities. Students are taught through structured educational programs to maximize their learning and teach them systematically the nuances of electronics and mechanics that go into the making of a robot. Students are benefited immensely since these activities also cover their academic subjects such as Science and Mathematics.

  1. ScienceUtsav

ScienceUtsav is a parallel educational program for children of age 05 to 14 years. They have created an interactive learning platform for the participants through hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, puzzles, science expeditions, role plays and other innovative pedagogy techniques. ScienceUtsav’s innovative programs strengthen the two planks of a child’s innocent mind – inquisitiveness and imagination.

  1. Lydnow

Lydnow Training and Innovations LLP is a Pune-based educational initiative primarily working in the field of experiential learning that is involved in the building of meaningful, need-and-ability-based, age-relevant curricula for children. This is an evolving learning space, where you can brew up ideas, chase innovations, run creative workshops and nurture. The Robotics School is an entrepreneurial venture that offers a range of hands-on learning courses and workshops in Automation and Robotics for young learners (ages 9-11 and 12-15).

  1. Brick on Brick

BRICK ON BRICK provides a platform for learning with an educational curriculum that follows LEGO guidelines, well-designed lesson plans, and quality teaching. Their programs progressively cater for children from 3- 7 years. They deliver learning experiences through a structured curriculum following the Play-Build-Learn Approach.

  1. RoboFun

Robofun is a pioneer in Robotics education for kids using LEGO education system via LEGO WeDo and LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits. They provide World Class Robotics training to kids (5-15) using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kits with intelligent sensors, motors, and programming.  They aim to include an understanding and appreciation of robotics and automation amongst school going children and to create awareness among the school children on the various actions that robots can perform which are fairly different than the industrial tasks.

  1. India First Robotics Academy

IndiaFIRST™ Robotics Academy is a robotics training and research division of Habib Animatos Pvt. Ltd. Students in the age group of 6yrs. to 22yrs. are trained thoroughly by their expert Engineers in various technologies like Robotics, Embedded Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Vision Robotics. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts are imbibed in the students to help them understand the academics and gain meaningful knowledge. Hands-on practical training from expert engineers helps students to understand the concepts clearly thus faring very well in their academics.

  1. Busy Minds

Busy Minds offers STEM education courses/workshops for children and hosts science themed birthday parties. They believe that learning Science through crafting is fun and engage children in models and hands-on activities, science crafts, and experiments to kindle their curiosity….besides making learning fun!!

  1. Sci-Fi Wonders

Sci-Fi wonder’s fun-science based workshops & activities for kids are designed to provide a framework for learning and developing multiple intelligence. Sci-Fi Wonders also hosts special birthday parties for kids with themes ranging from forensic science to lost world, from Chemistry to Harry Potter!

  1. Young Kudos

Young Kudos is an after-school activity place, offers Courses on Machine Learning, STEM education for kids. Their mission is to help kids by providing a platform to practice robotics and to encourage innovation in design among young children.

Are you ready for your children to get excited about learning again? To think creatively about analytical tasks and disciplines? To get engaged in their futures? STEM on and get them into one of these STEM workshops!!

Go on and encourage STEM education and instill a love of learning in your children! Try out some cool STEM projects and build bridges, towers, dams, or ramps and simple machines. Be it skateboard parks or wind farms, many inventions start with an idea and a plan. Most importantly, they all started with a person who wasn’t willing to give up on his or her idea. Check out these STEM Picture Books for kids.

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