Celebrate this Diwali with DIY eco-friendly ‘diyas’

Eco-friendly DIY Diya Ideas

Diwali is about traditions, and nothing can beat the charm of adorning your home with humble clay diyas. These DIY diyas are pretty easy to make. You can then paint and embellish them to your liking. 

Eco-friendly DIY Diya Ideas

Clay Diya

It is so easy to make your  Diyas at home with clay. You can use the same process and make diyas with play-doh or even the regular chapati dough. 

Coconut Shell Diyas

These eco-friendly, coconut shell Diyas will add a rustic feel to your Diwali décor.

Orange Peel Diyas 

But have you ever stopped to think how eco-friendly your candles are? Well, candles are the biggest source of indoor air pollution because of the presence of wax; what’s more, the traditional candles are made of Paraffin wax, which is a non-biodegradable product. Here’s a green alternative you can choose – make yourself an orange lamp! All you need is some oranges, oil and a wick and you will be sorted. Talking about the process, first cut oranges into two equal halves, scoop out the fruit from inside and take the peel to make your organic candle. Next, just add some oil, a wick and let it sit for some time. Voila! Your orange lamp is ready.

Conch Shell Diya

Got conch shells at home. Pour in some oil, add a wick and voila, you have a lamp!

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