Abracadabra!! Easy and Fun Magic Tricks For Kids

Magic tricks for kids are a great way to keep your family entertained.

A magician says, “Learning magic tricks at a young age builds up confidence and helps with social building skills,especially if the child tends to be little shy.”

Here are a few fun and easy magic tricks for kids to get your young magician started:


The Vanishing Cup & Eraser Trick


What You Need

  • Eraser
  • Dish Towel
  • Paper Cup

How to perform


1] Collect all these things and sit at a table and have your audience stand on the opposite side of the table.

2] Put the eraser on the table and cover it with the cup and dishtowel on the top. Lift both the cup and the dish towel to show the eraser ask them to concentrate on it.

3] While they are focusing on the eraser quickly drop the cup on your lap but continue holding the towel as if the cup was still there.Then put the towel back on the eraser and smash your hand down on it and at the same time drop the cup from your lap on to the ground.

4] Lift the towel to show that the eraser is still there but the cup has fallen through the table .

You can also chant some magical words while performing to bring in the real effect of magic – Abracadabra!!!


An Easy Baggie and Pencil Magic Trick For Kids

bag1bag 2


What you need

  • Plastic baggie
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Water

How to perform


1.) Fill the baggie with water{about 3/4 th } and seal it really tight .

2.) Make sure your pencil is sharpened.

3.) Hold the water filled baggie with one hand and use the other hand to firmly push the pointy end of the pencil through the side of the baggie.Continue pushing it until the point is also coming out of the other side of the bag.

4.) Now see the magic not a single drop of water is spilled out of the holes made by pencil

5.) You can experiment more by inserting more than one pencil and see what happens.


Vanishing  Toothpick


What you need

  • A tooth pick
  • A ring

How to perform


1.) Make your child wear a ring on his ring finger before starting the performance because this is where he is going to secretly hide the toothpick.

2.) Hold the toothpick with the thumb and index finger loosely.

3.) Use your thumb and finger to push the end of the toothpick into the ring on the part behind your hand. Push the toothpick all the way through, and appear to press down firmly with your thumb to make it look like you are making it disappear.

4.) Open your hand, bending your fingers slightly and keeping them tightly together. The toothpick will have vanished, and you can open your hand to show that you aren’t holding it in your fingers.

5.) You will have to practise it a few times to get the trick right. But as you do it perfectly you will love to see the looks of amazement on your friends’ faces as they watch the toothpick disappear.

The next time your kid says “I’m bored,” hand them these fun and easy magic tricks ideas and keep them busy for hours.

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