How to make your own Ravana effigy At Home!

“Dasara, Dusshera or Navaratri, as we all know is a festival which symbolises victory of good over evil. It is derived from a Sanskrit word “Dash Hara”, which means destroyer of evil or the ten-headed evil Ravana. It is the day that Lord Rama had killed Ravana after their battle for ten days. 

In different parts of India Dusshera is celebrated in great zeal and enthusiasm. In states like Bengal ,Assam and Orissa; Dussehra is celebrated in the form of Durga Puja. Dussehra celebrated in Mysore is the most popular around the world. On this day, the entire city is beautifully decorated with flowers and lamps. And in the evening the effigies of Ravana are burnt in a huge ground. In Gujarat, Dusshera is celebrated in the form of Navratra. Though Dussehra is celebrated in a different manner in different states of India but the message of the festival remains the same that ‘bad things never survive for long“.

Let’s make the festival more fun by involving the kids in all the festivities. How about making your very own effigy of Ravana at home using everyday household items. Here is a simple DIY Ravana craft which children can do by themselves or with the help of grownups. You can read these books based on Indian mythology and explain why this festival is celebrated.  Get crafting and enjoy the festival!

Tissue-roll Ravana

Materials required:

1] Tissue paper roll.

2] Craft paper in 3-4 different colors

3] Red and Black paints.

5] Glue and scissors.


1]Cover the tissue paper roll with coloured paper or paint it. This will be Ravana’s face.


2] Cut out the coloured paper in a circle and make it into a cone. This will be the nose of Ravana.

3] Cut out eyebrows and a mustache.


4] Make a crown from Golden coloured paper.

5] Make eyes by rolling the tissue paper into a ball. Paint it black at the center.


5] Stick all the parts that we have made on to the tissue roll as shown in the picture. Draw the mouth with red paint.

6] You can make 9 more similar heads, stick them all next to each other and make your 10-headed Ravana too.

Your Ravana is all set. Go ahead and burn him!

Happy crafting with your Kiddos!!


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