A-B-C guide to cooking for Little Chefs

Children often fail to understand the effort that goes behind preparing their favorite dishes.

It is a good idea to get your little chef involved in cooking with you to value the home cooked food. Just before you start trying a hand at one of your favorite dishes, acquaint them with few commonly used terms while cooking for a smooth and happy experience.

Bake – To cook something in an oven
Batter –A mixture of water with different types of flour that acts as raw material to cake, waffles or any other foods that needs to be baked later on.
Blanch – To boil in water and later rinse it with cold water for future storage. Helps in preserving color and texture.
Blend – Thoroughly mixing two or more ingredients.
Caramelize – Cooking sugar granules in a pan until it turns brown and transforms into nutty texture
Coat – To cover with a layer of something
Crumble – To break into small pieces by rubbing with hands
Deseed – Removing seeds from a fruit or vegetable
Dice – Cut into small cubes
Dilute – Adding water or any liquid to loosen the consistency of any food , usually batter
Dough – Combining any flour with water to make it thick like clay
Drizzle – Pouring very little quantity over a dish
Fry – To cook food in oil or any fatty medium.
Garnish – To decorate the food by adding a finishing touch
Grate – Reduce into scraped bits by pressing against a grater
Grease –To coat some fatty medium like oil or butter so that food does not stick to the utensil
Grill – Direct and intense heat applied to the food through a surface
Grind – Crushing the food into powder form using a grinder or a mixie usually
Julienne – Thin long strips of any solid food material
Knead – To push, roll , fold the dough repeatedly until smooth
Marinate – To soak the food in any mixture for infusion of its flavors into the food.
Mince – Chop into very fine pieces
Moisten – To dampen any food item with liquid
Poach – To cook over boiling water usually without removing the shell
Puree – Making smooth paste or liquidize
Roast – To bake openly without cover usually.
Sauté – Cooked in little fat like oil or butter in a pan
Sear – To quickly brown the surface of food on high heat
Season – To enhance the flavor of food by adding herbs or spices
Stew – Cook in liquid below boiling point
Stir fry – To cook food in some oil or butter by continuously stirring it in the utensil
Strain – Separate the solid pieces from a liquid sauce pouring it through a porous utensil
Toss – Mixing ingredients by slightly lifting and dropping the pan
Whip – To beat fast and mix air
Whisk – Combining all ingredients together


When helping in the kitchen, children get exposed to various textures and processes. It is a great opportunity to explore and observe various changes. They also feel involved and valued when you appreciate their little help. So, chef hats ready?

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