Chocolate + STEM = Yummy Learning!!

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Looking for some fun and exciting Chocolate themed STEM activities to do with your children? Enjoy some of these awesome chocolate based STEM activities! What’s more? You can also read up one of these Chocolate Themed Books and pair it with one of these activities! Or make some fun Chocolatey Arts and Crafts too!

Chocolate + STEM = Yummy Learning!!


Eat Chocolate in the Name of Science with these chocolate themed science experiments.

Melting Chocolate Science Fun

Enjoy this simple melting chocolate experiment for kids. At what temperature does chocolate go from a solid to a liquid? Is it different for white and dark chocolate? Give this fun science experiment a try and find out!

Also, try this – an awesome science project to try.

Chocolate Race Science Experiment

Chocolate Taste Testing And The 5 Senses

Turn candy tasting into science exploration. Find out for yourself if the chocolates that look similar are really similar!

Gum Drop Structures

Build structures with gumdrops. You can use marshmallows instead too!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Excavation

Whether you are studying geology or paleontology, this chocolate chip cookie excavation activity would be fun to do with your children.

Here are a few more:

Enjoy all things CHOCOLATE!

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