Fun with Chocolate – Play, Eat, Repeat!

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Looking for some fun and exciting Chocolate themed games to play with your children? Enjoy some of these awesome chocolatey games. What’s more? You can also read up one of these Chocolate Themed Books and pair it with one of these activities! Or make some fun Chocolatey Arts and Crafts too!

Fun Games with Chocolate 

Kids will adore these chocolatey party games that all involve getting something sweet in their mouths!

Wafer Jenga

Jenga is usually a game of building blocks, where each player tries to carefully remove one block in the tower without bringing it tumbling down. A fun version of this game can be played using wafer biscuits in different flavours to build the tower. Then players take turns to carefully remove a biscuit. Of course, anything safely removed can be eaten!

Suck up Your Chocolate 


All players sit in a circle with an empty cup and a straw. In the center of the circle, place a large bowl of Chocolate Eclairs or any chocolate shaped like a sphere. Each player takes turns rolling a dice with the aim to roll a six. When a six is rolled, that player can move to the bowl of chocolates and then use their straw to suck up a ball and deposit it into their empty cup, or eat it! They can continue until the next six is rolled.

Chocolate Taste Test


On two trays, set out a collection of a range of chocolates – some easy to identify and some harder. Spilt the players into two teams. One by one, blindfold each player and then give them a sample of the chocolate to identify. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

Chocolate Hunt

Kids love chocolate! This game will make the children eager to find where all the chocolates are. They will have fun trying to win, so they can have chocolate!

Enjoy all things CHOCOLATE!


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