Words of Thanks – Ideas for a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journals for Children

“Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.”
Jack Canfield

Gratitude is being thankful and appreciative of the good things you have. Both expressing and feeling gratitude are important aspects in life. A sense of gratitude can benefit children (and adults) in a variety of ways and has important emotional health benefits. But how do you develop the habit of gratefulness? What if there was a daily practice that could help your kids cultivate gratitude? Yes! there is! It’s called Gratitude Journaling! It’s a simple practice that encouraging children to keep a daily gratitude list. And also encourages writing skills!

How to get started on a Gratitude Journal

Here are some simple  you can get your children to write a gratitude journal:

  1. Choose a Journal – Get your children to create their own gratitude journal by decorating and personalizing the cover of a purchased notebook. This can be a fun craft project. Older children could use a digital journal too.Here are some ideas for making your own journals:
    – Craft a Gratitude Journal From Recycled Materials
    – An adorable journal made from paper lunch bags.
    – Kids Activities Blog has another gratitude journal.
    – A free printable gratitude journal from Dirt and Boogers.
    – A gratitude journal idea from ResearchParent.
    – More ideas here at www.livingwellspendingless.com and at blog.melissaanddoug.com.~
  2. Encourage your children to spend a few minutes every day writing down all the things they are grateful for in their journals.
  3. Help your children focus on the little details in their life like the things they might take for granted, by encouraging them to not to repeat the same thing. Younger children to draw pictures of things they are grateful for in their journals. Or they can tell and you can write it for them.
  4. Prompt your children to choose a time of the day to share their daily gratitude list with you. Here a few prompts to help kids phrase their grateful thoughts.
    • I’m thankful for…
    • I appreciate…
    • I’m grateful for…
    • Thank you for…

    Check out more ideas for writing prompts:
    30 days of journal prompts and acts of kindness to try with your kids.
    -Thankful Journal Writing Prompt from School Time Snippets


It will take some time for gratitude journaling to become a habit for your child. So ensure you have a consistent time and place for them to journal each day. The routine will help a journaling habit begin to form—and can help lead to a lifelong practice of thankfulness. Children will also love to share their journals with others and use it to remember how they felt. It is also a memorable keepsake for the future. Imagine reading the journal a few years later and remembering all the good you had!

Gratitude Journals

Here are some gratitude journals that you can buy:

Let Your Light Shine: Kids Mini Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal - Let your light shine

While it’s not exactly the kind of book that you sit down and read together, this list wouldn’t be complete without a nod to gratitude journals! Using a journal can be a helpful tool in teaching kids about gratitude and mindfulness, and it may even have a positive impact on their future health and well-being. This particular journal features a kid-friendly design, with space on each page for your kiddo to list three things they’re feeling grateful for each day.

My Little Book of Big Thank You’s Gratitude Journal by Elena Reznikova

Gratitude Journals - My Big Little Book of Thank you

This 90-page children’s gratitude journal is the perfect companion to the book “Thank You, Me,” and is a great gift by itself. The wide-ruled interior provides comfortable writing space for children. The small size of the journal is not overwhelming and is a great way to introduce gratitude into a child’s daily routine. Writing a few lines of gratitude each day is just as important as healthy eating and exercising. Gratitude is the exercise for our souls. So go ahead and start writing!

My First Gratitude Journal by Creative Kids

Gratitude Journals - My First Gratitude Journal

My First Gratitude Journal inspires children ages 3 to 8 to appreciate people in their lives and be thankful for the many blessings in life. The journal is designed to help them see what they have and take note of it. Showing gratitude helps them build stronger values, treat other people with more compassion and love and have a more positive, thankful attitude. The journal contains a mix of different types of pages for both drawing and writing. ***This book includes Fill-in-the-blank sections, blank title pages for doodling and bonus nature-theme floral and butterfly coloring pages scattered throughout the book, and additional **Surprise**butterfly coloring pages at the end. Writing and drawing helps children build stronger skills and combining the two activities help children have a more profound understanding of the world around them. Encourage them to draw butterflies, rainbows or anything that helps strengthen their appreciation.

Here are some more Gratitude Journals to choose from.

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