Birthday Coming Up: 6 Garden Party Ideas for Your Child

The lovely winter sunshine is a great reason for you to use your garden as your child’s birthday party venue. This is particularly convenient if you are expecting a lot of little guests who take great pleasure in running around which is something they cannot really do indoors. Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can organize the day.


Wonderland theme, this is a classic and can suit any type of garden and any season as long as there is no rain. The theme is full of characters and stories you can choose to depict and all of them are quite appealing to children. You can provide top hats, card masks or Cheshire cat faces for the kids to choose their characters. Perhaps, it would be even more fun to have someone paint their faces. The kids could play croquet or life-size chess just as they do in the story.

Cowboys and Indians

Another classic! The chances are that even if the party didn’t have a theme, the kids would choose to get into these characters. This type of theme needs quite simple props to decorate the garden and to make costumes for kids. They can throw horseshoes, all you need is a sand pit, a steak and, obviously, some horseshoes. You can organize an archery competition for Indians and cowboys who care to join them by obtaining or even better making several targets and shooting bows and arrows.


To begin with, there are inflammable bouncy pirate ships available to rent. Again, the costumes are quite easy to make, you can provide some eyepatches, head scarves, and some hats to hand out. You can obtain fake swords or even better swimming noodles and organize fights on a beam, the last one standing is the winner. Pay special attention to safety here, make sure the beam is padded and lay out mats on the ground.

Forest animals


This is a great theme for a costume party. Every child loves animals and they will enjoy being one as well as meeting other animals and playing with them. Again, you can have someone paint their faces if they show up without facial makeup. You can organize wheelbarrow races and potato sack races.  Also, you can make an art project where each child could ‘sign’ a huge canvas with its animal’s paw, hoof, claw etc with a greeting message.

Classical games

Regardless of the theme you choose, there are games which fit every occasion. One of the party specials is breaking a piñata. The piñata is your responsibility, make it so it fits the theme you have selected. Also, it would be good if you could make it so there is candy flying everywhere as kids will find it even more exciting. Again, fitting any theme is pin the tail. You can pin the tail of anything onto anyone. There are many more games that should not be missed, such as tiggy, egg and spoon race, three-legged race, Simon says or anything else you can think of which can get them going.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt deserves a paragraph of its own. The game gets kids really focused. They can take it very seriously. Choose to make it an individual game or have them play in teams. Take your time when creating the clues as it has a potential to be the party’s centerpiece next to the cake. You want the game to be elaborate to raise competitive spirit, curiosity, and imagination in kids. Make sure the reward is something they really like and something they can share.

Whichever theme you end up choosing, your child will be grateful. Perhaps they won’t remember to say ‘thank you’ but you will see the proof in the joy.

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