Christmas Themed Sensory Activity

Touch is by far the most interesting and necessary of the ‘five senses’.

I focus on crafting projects for my son which let him explore all sorts of textures and allow him to actively use his senses as he explores the world.

As a crafter I have a storage of various types of papers at home. And I find it to be one of the best sources to put his ‘touch’ sense to work. Touching and sensing different types of material helps a child learn about the environment as a whole!

This is a Christmas themed activity.




Ideal for Ages: 2 years +

All you need is:

– A cardstock paper 12 x 10 (or your desirable size)

– Triangles cut out from various papers of green shade such as
Crepe paper
Handmade paper
Silk paper
Kite paper
Cardstock paper
chart paper

– Rectangles cut from a brown cardstock paper

– Glue (child friendly)

IMG_0705     IMG_0682


Let your child paste the green triangles on the card stock paper as trees and brown rectangles as the bark.

As we did the activity, we talked about the shapes- Triangle and Rectangle, the number of sides of these shapes, the colors- green and brown and how they look good together. We counted number of triangles and rectangles at the end.

Learning opportunities:

1. Sensory skills development

2. Hand and eye coordination

3. Fine motor development (arranging, sticking)

4. Shapes (Math)

5. Counting (Math)
IMG_0717         IMG_0715

IMG_0746         IMG_0770


















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