DIY Recycled Crafts – Christmas Decorations

To plan Christmas is one of the most exciting and enjoyable thing for little monsters. Dazzling decorations for the Xmas tree, yummy cakes and treats, letters to Santa, gifts et al are the things most cherished by kids.

Little ones are delighted by the joyful celebrations with friends and family. Let’s spread the cheer with these beautiful DIY crafts that are easy to do and make the most memorable gifts for your loved ones.

Glass Bottle décor

glass bottle
You will need –
• Glass Bottle
• Twine or rope
• Red paint
• Water
• Black paper
• Golden beads or sequence for decoration
• Glue
Clean the bottle well and let dry. Add water to red paint, pour into the bottle and spread well until bottle is completely red in color and leave it for drying. Add glue on top and bottom of the bottle and roll the twine up to 2 inches on both ends. Finally, take the black paper and stick in the center of the bottle. Decorate with golden beads and buttons of your choice.

No sew Socks Snowman

You will need –
• Old white sock
• A bowl of rice or wheat or thermocol
• Rubber Bands
• Black marker
• Red Ribbon
• Buttons for decoration
• Glue
Cut the lower part of sock and keep aside. Fill the rest of the socks with rice until 3/4th full. Secure the open end with a rubber band. Divide the sock into two portions and secure well with rubber band. The set aside part of the sock is placed as cap on top of it. In the center, tie a ribbon or lace and stick buttons just below to decorate. On the upper part, add eyes and face with permanent marker. Little snowman is ready!

Toilet paper roll Santa Claus

You will need –santa
• Toilet roll
• Red ,black and pink paint
• Red craft paper
• Cotton
• Glue
Paint the toilet roll red and let dry. Make a cone out of red craft paper and stick it on the top of the roll to make the cap. Just below the cap, paint light pink or white for face. Draw eyes with black paint. Now stick cotton on the lower part as beard and a small ball on top of the cap. Ho Ho Ho says our Santa!


Paper Plate Snow Globe

You will need –Plastic-Plate-Snowglobe
• 2 white plain paper plates
• Glue
• Plastic sheet
• Black felt paper
• Glitter, mini pompoms or fake snow
• Paints or crayons
Draw a snowman and a Christmas tree on the center of the plate and colour it. Spread glitter or fake snow on it. Cut the center of the second paper plate and stick the plastic wrap or cover on it. Now stick the plastic sheet covered paper plate on top of the other plate sticking only the sides. Use black felt paper to make the stand and stick on the bottom. Shake! Shake!

Popsicle Stick Hat Ornament

You will need –
Craft-Stick-Snowman-Ornament-1• 7 popsicle Sticks
• Black and red paints
• Buttons
• Green velvet or felt paper
• Fancy lace or string
• Glue

Paint 6 Popsicle sticks black and one red. Cut 1 cm of 4 black sticks and one red stick from each side and glue them together. Next glue the last 2 standard size black sticks together. Now cut a leaf shape from velvet or felt and stick on the corner of red stick. Decorate with buttons. Use a string or lace to tie to the X-Mas Tree and watch it swing.

Merry Christmas!!

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