Reels that Rule: 6 movies to watch with kids this winter!

Movies Rockford

One of these evenings, as the air seemed quite cold, and it got dark earlier than ever, I had to drag my reluctant child indoors. The result – crankiness and tantrums!  As I tried to buy some time by promising the popcorn, I suddenly had a brainwave – why not make it a movie night, and show him some movies that he might not even have heard of! Something away from the Minions, the Chhota Bheem and the Disney stuff, which he seems to get quite often in his movie diet.

So, movie it was, and I selected ‘The Blue Umbrella’! And it was such a superhit with the kid, that we have resolved to make this a regular thing once a week. Here is my list of movies that we have lined up. Maybe you would like to try too?

The Blue Umbrella

Movies Blue Umbrella

Based on Ruskin Bond‘s book by the same name, the deceptively simple story has been brought to life marvellously in the adaptation by Vishal Bhardwaj. On the surface, this is a story of a bright and happy girl with her bright and blue umbrella. However, as the kids watch it, they are exposed to the layers of human nature, and how kindness and empathy always win the day.

Ferrari ki Sawaari

Movies ferrari

A little boy, who thinks of nothing but playing cricket. His father, who thinks of nothing but his little boy. And then the son’s school organises a cricket camp which could send the boy playing at the Mecca of Cricket, the Lords. But the father doesn’t have the money! Does the boy get to play the cricket? Does the father gets to fulfill the son’s dream of meeting his idol? And where does the Ferrari come in the picture? All answers with a tub of popcorn at the movie screening right at your house! Don’t miss it!!


Movies Rockford

This lovely coming of age movie by Nagesh Kuknoor has so much going for it – the songs, the innocence, the direction, and of course, the story. The film is set in an all boys boarding school, and how the boarders let go of their homesickness, learn to become independent and support each other, and how they grapple with the reality of human behaviour. Sure to be a superhit with your teenager!

Chillar Party

Movies Chillar

This story of a gang of children tugs at your heart for all the right reasons. The human values, the importance of friendship, caring for your friends and the fight against injustice – reasons enough for you to root for the underdog! An unpretentious film that makes you laugh and leaves your eyes moist in equal measures!

Stanley ka Dabba

Movies Stanley

A heartwarming tale with an inherent sweetness and honesty, this movie tells the story of a creative boy Stanley. In a school, where one of the teachers is a sort of a glutton who demands that the students share their lunchboxes with him. Stanley is not very popular with him, as he doesn’t get a lunchbox. What is the mystery of Stanley’s lunchbox, and whether his teacher gets away with eating the students’ lunchboxes – the movie will tell in a very simple, honest and endearing way!

Mr India

Movies Mr India

“Mogambo” and “Hawa Hawaii” are perhaps the most iconic Hindi movie symbols, finding recognition across generations. In one of the few sci-fi movies ever made in India, Shekhar Kapur’s Mr India is a superhero. His superpower – he is invisible while he tries to demolish the bad guys, and is the protector of a bunch of orphan kids. Sci-fi and sentiments, all mixed just right so that you can have great fun revisiting this classic with your kid!

Which movies do you like to watch with your kids? Share with the other parents in the comments below.

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