Jai Hind! DIY hacks for hosting a Republic Day party for your kids!

Republic Day3

As  Republic Day is approaching, we can feel a patriotic fervour filling up in the air. How about hosting a Republic Day themed party for your kids and their friends at home? We have some easy and fun DIY fun hacks for you to decorate the room with the tricolour. To complete the whole look, we also have tricoloured snacks to munch and some cool tri-coloured drinks which you and the kids are sure to love!

1.Tricolour sandwiches

Take some slices of bread, a cup of grated carrots and a few spoons green chutney – your yummy and super healthy party snack is ready to be served!

Republic Day1

2. Tricolour Juices

Blend some oranges, make a little lassi or whizz a banana and pulp a cucumber – great drinks to keep the party hydrated.

Republic Day 2

3. Room Decoration: Tricolour paper chain

Materials needed:

1 Orange, White, Green  glazed paper

2 Glue

3 Blue Marker

Instructions :

1 Take a paper and Cut into strips of Orange,Green and white colour

2. Now draw Ashok Chakra on white strips of the paper.

3. Take each strip and stick its both end to make a circle

4. Make the chain using these tricolour circles.

5. You can decorate your Room, Classroom or any area with these for the Independence Day celebration.

Have a story party with any of these books, or get the children going on a GK quiz about the country! A holiday that’s as much fun as it is informative! Once you are done, you could also go check out the wonderful events happening in your cities.

Have a DIY hack, you want to share? Tell us in the comments.


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