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Every 26th January, people gather on New Delhi’s Rajpath amidst a colourful jamboree of fluttering flags, marching soldiers and dancing children. What is celebrated on this day is at the heart of our democracy-the magnificent Constitution of India. Republic day is the day the Constitution of India came into force. This marked the day the Government of India Act of 1935 was replaced with the Constitution of India. This document didn’t only lay down the law but united India with a vision that took two years, eleven months and seventeen days to realize.

Here are 4 books that you can introduce to your kids to understand the Constitution and what it stands for.

4 books about the Indian Constitution

We the Children of India by Leila Seth and Bindia Thapar

Get your kids to be civics-savvy - We the Children of India

Former Chief Justice Leila Seth makes the words of the Preamble to the Constitution understandable to even the youngest reader.  What is a democratic republic, why are we secular, what is sovereignty? Believing that it is never too early for young people to learn about the Constitution, she tackles these concepts and explains them in a manner everyone can grasp and enjoy. Accompanied by numerous photographs, captivating and inspiring illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Bindia Thapar, and delightful bits of trivia, We, the Children of India is essential reading for every young citizen.

Our Constitution by Rohini Oomma

Get your kids to be civics-savvy - Our Constitution

Our Constitution deals with issues basic to the functioning of the Indian government: Fundamental Rights and how they operate, the Directive Principles and why we need them, how powerful the states of the Union are and much more. With interactive activities, fun illustrations and thought-provoking questions to encourage students, this is a book every school-going child must have.

The Constitution of India for Children by Subhadra Sengupta (NEW. Releases on 25 Jan 2019)

Books About Constitution of India

Subhadra Sen Gupta captures the many momentous occasions in Indian history that led to its making in The Constitution of India for Children. Populated with facts and dotted with cheerful illustrations, this book provides answers to innumerable questions asked over the years – Which language is our Constitution written in? Were women a part of the team that drafted the Constitution? Why do political parties have symbols next to their names? What is the official language of India? An essential handbook for every student and denizen of India, here is a compendium of knowledge that serves as an insightful introduction to the most important document of Independent India.

Derek Introduces the Constitution and Parliament of India

Derek Introduces Parliament and Constitution of India

In this book, Derek O’Brien tells in a simple and concise manner, how the Constitution came to be written, who were the people who shaped it and the concepts and thoughts that went into creating it. He also explains how the Parliament of India functions. Filled with hundreds of interesting facts as well as detailed informative entries, The Constitution and Parliament of India will instill a sense of pride about the country in readers and will also inspire them to be more responsible citizens.


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