How Enhancing The Reticular Activating System (RAS) Can Help Students Reach their Goals during Examinations!

The Reticular Activating System(RAS) is a miraculous organ in the human body which is a set of connected nuclei in the brains of vertebrates. This structure is believed to play a role in many functions, including wakefulness, sleep, attention, behavioral modification, and filtering information. The reticular activating system is a portal where almost all information passes through to get to the brain. The Reticular Activating System is responsible for telling your child’s brain when it needs to be awake and learning.


It sorts through similar information patterns that are already well established in your brain. An example of this is when you are in a crowded room full of people and you hear someone say your name. How did you manage to hear that through all of the conversations going on in the room? Your RAS sorted through all of the conversations and determined that the one where your name is mentioned is important to you and sends the message directly to your conscious mind.

RAS brings to your attention all the relevant information which may otherwise have remained as background noise.

-It acts as a filtering system for the information that gets into your brain
-It acts as a messenger of information between your conscious and unconscious mind.

With its help, students are awake, alert and engaged. If it’s working against you, students will be sluggish, sleepy and checked out.This will help in enhancing an individual’s performance levels in all spheres of life, improving the thought process, enabling clear and a focussed mindset creating the opportunities one requires for solving challenges and manifesting his/her dreams. A perfect way for students to set up their goals before their examinations and achieve them.

Here  are a few ways to enhance the power of the RAS:

  • Practising meditation and pranayama
  • Control of breath
  • Connecting the body and mind with yoga asanas and
  • Other such mindful practices can also help strengthen the RAS.

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