11 Ideas for Make and Do Fun with Newspapers

Newspaper DIY

Do you have a stack of newspapers that you want to upcycle and repurpose? Here is our compilation of awesome DIY projects that you can create with newspapers!

Build Newspaper Structures From CraftingAGreenWorld

Newspaper Stuctures - CraftingAGreenWorld

Newspaper Bouquet From PopSugar

Newspaper Bouquet - PopSugar

Newspaper Flowers from RedTartArt


Newspaper Basket From HowAboutOrange

Newspaper Basket - HowAboutOrange

Newspaper Photo Frames from SavedByLoveCreations

Newspaper Frame - SavedByloveCreations

Newspaper Gift Bags From RedTartArt

Newspaper Gift Bags - RedTartArt

Newspaper Envelopes From KanelStrand

Newspaper Envelopes - Kanel Strand

Newspaper Art from StudioSeena’s Blog

Newspaper Art - Studio Seenas Blog

Make your own paper

Making paper by hand at home is a very simple process. It’s also a great way to use up your old receipts, scrap papers, and newspaper that you were about to throw in the recycling bin, and instead, create your own papers.

Handmade Paper

Paper maché

Paper maché is a technique where newspaper strips are dipped into a glue mixture and layered on top of an armature to create a basic sculpture.

Newspaper Clay

DIY Paper Clay is different from papier mache in that you create a clay-like mass, instead of using papier mache paste and strips of paper. You can make this paper clay using shredded paper or newspapers. You can then use this clay in your crafts, like you’d use play dough.

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