From Conflict to Cooperation – 12 Games for Siblings to bond over!

Games for Siblings to bond over!
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12 Games for Siblings to bond over

#Covid19 Lockdown has forced all of us to stay home and offers us a great opportunity to bond with the family. It is also a great time to strengthen the bond between siblings.  Siblings have better relationships when they share activities they both enjoy.  You can set up games for siblings that help siblings bond, be a team member and even have some healthy competition.


Here are some of our favourite games to get siblings moving, working together, and having fun:

  1. Twister – This is a classic game that is perfect for siblings! Pictionary is also another enjoyable game.
  2. 3 legged walk – Stand the siblings side by side. Tie the left leg of one to the right leg of another. Now they are one with 3 legs! Give them treats to pick around the house together! You could also make it a race!
  3. Ball Walk – Get the siblings to stand back to back. Put a ball in between them so their backs hold the ball. Ask them to walk around without letting the ball drop down (and without using their hands to hold the ball up!) A great game to learn teamwork! A variation to this game would be to use a balloon! The kids can stand side by side with the balloon between their hips instead of their back!
  4. Ball Balance – The 2 siblings should hold a long piece of cardboard with their hands. Place a ball on the cardboard. They will have to roll the ball back and forward and try not to let it fall on the floor. See how long they can keep it on the cardboard!
  5. Brother-Sister Quiz – Compile a quiz with sibling pairs as the theme. For eg: Who is XYZ’s brother? What is the name of Charlie’s sister in the book series? You could include all people the children know (family, friends or celebrities)
  6. United we stand – The siblings sit on the floor, back to back and their arms linked at their elbows. They will have to get up and stand up in the same position – backs should be touching and their arms should still be entwined at the elbows.
  7. Treasure Hunt – Place some things around the house. Blindfold one of the siblings. The other sibling should guide him/her to the treasure by speaking out directions.
  8. We are one – Get the 2 siblings to stand back to back and make them wear one big t-shirt. (Both kids in one t-shirt!) Now they are one! Let them walk around. Choose a safe room or place with no furniture that they can bump into. This is perfect for playing in large open spaces.
  9. The Clear Frame Portraits painting game is bound to get the children in splits!
  10. Get the siblings to go on Scavenger Hunts
  11. Pillow Sumo Wrestling is something siblings are bound to love!
  12. Synchronised Drawing Game is great for siblings who love to draw.

Remember to Keep it Safe!

Make sure the area that children play in is secured and doesn’t have any furniture with sharp edges, windows nearby, or anything else that is dangerous. Keep your children safe!

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