Jungle Facts – Guides and Reference Books about Wildlife

Jungle Facts - Guides and Reference Books about Wildlife

Our planet is teeming with life, from the mountain tops to the ocean’s depths. Encourage children to learn about this bio-diversity and their wild friends with these awesome guides and reference books about wildlife.  These interactive, engaging and informative books and will inspire children to save their planet!

Jungle Facts – Guides and Reference Books about Wildlife

  1. Can we save the tiger? By Martin Jenkins and Vicky White

Books About Wildlife - Can we save the tiger

A visually stunning and informative picture book about the world’s endangered animals. Tigers are big, beautiful and fierce. But, like many other animals, they are in danger of becoming extinct. With breathtaking illustrations, this picture book tells us about the threats to the many endangered species on our planet and the need to prevent their extinction.

  1. The Secret Lives of Indian Mammals by Vivek Menon

Books About Wildlife - The secret lives of Indian Mammals

Everything you wanted to know about awesome Indian mammals but didn’t know whom to ask! 
Covering many fascinating facts, this handy wildlife guide by conservationist and photographer Vivek Menon features more than 400 mammal species in India, from tigers, elephants, and rhinos to monkeys, rodents and bats.

3.     The Variety of Life by Nicola Davies and Lorna Scobie

Books About Wildlife - The Variety of Life

Our planet is full of life, from the mountaintops to the ocean’s depths. This appealing nonfiction compendium pays tribute to that biodiversity with each spread showcasing a different species of fauna or flora. They include dolphins, snakes, bats, penguins, bees, slugs, trees, and mushrooms, and along with a general introduction to each type, individual profiles offer fascinating facts and the scientific names of every creature. Beautifully illustrated and with accessible text, The Variety of Life will help science-loving kids learn more about different animals, and animal-loving kids will learn more about science!

  1. Red Alert!: 15 Endangered Animals Fighting to Survive by Catherine Barr, Anne Wilson

Books About Wildlife - Red Alert

Pick a place. Choose a creature. Discover its story and the danger it faces. Then find out how to help it survive. 15 wild and wonderful creatures, all on the IUCN Red List, need our help – this important book is interactive, engaging and informative, and will inspire children to save their planet!

5.     The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins  (Author)

Books About Wildlife - The Animal Book

Animals smooth and spiky, fast and slow, hop and waddle through the two hundred plus pages of the Caldecott Honor artist Steve Jenkins’ most impressive nonfiction offering yet. Sections such as “Animal Senses,” “Animal Extremes,” and “The Story of Life” burst with fascinating facts and infographics. Jenkins’ colour-rich cut- and torn-paper artwork is as strikingly vivid as ever. Rounding out this bountiful browsers’ almanac of more than three hundred animals is a discussion of the artist’s bookmaking process, an animal index, a glossary, and a bibliography. This is a bookshelf essential!

  1. Animalium: Welcome to the Museum by Jenny Broom and  Katie Scott

Books about Wildlife - Welcome To The Museum

Offering hours of learning, this first title within the Welcome to the Museum series — Animalium — presents the animal kingdom in glorious detail with illustrations from Katie Scott, an unparalleled new talent.

Also read: Botanicum by Katie Scott

7.   Curiositree: Natural World: A Visual Compendium of Wonders from Nature

Books About Wildlife - Natural World

See how nature is connected with this stunning first introduction to the natural world. Presented as an ‘information tree’, it explains why living things look and behave the way they do in a series of visually compelling information charts, exploring the myriad ways in which plants and animals have adapted to give themselves the best chance of survival. This beautiful compendium of the wonders of nature can be enjoyed by all the family and nature lovers of all ages. 

  1. Walk the Grasslands with Takuri by N.Manjrekar

Books about Wildlife

Join the shy and super adorable Takuri on a tour of his undulating grasslands, where the wind plays Chinese whispers and the crumbling leaves tickle your feet. It takes you to the lush greens, pointing out the sights and sounds along the way and is sure to reveal some jaw-dropping and fun facts!  Also, read Walk the Rainforest.

9.  Helm Field Guides

Books about Wildlife - Helm Field Guides

A series of comprehensive field guides for a range of spectacular birding regions. Species accounts cover all key identification features, as well as distribution and status. Colour plates and distribution maps are also included.

10.  A Naturalist’s Guide to Series

Books about Wildlife - NaturalistsGuide

This easy-to-use identification guide to most common animals, birds and other creatures seen in India is perfect for resident and visitor alike. High-quality photographs from one of India’s top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habits, and habitat.

11. My Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer

Books about Wildlife - My Big Book

From moths and beetles to worms and spiders, the world is crawling with fascinating bugs. The Big Book of Bugs is the first fact-filled book for children to explore the vast array of creepy-crawlies that share our Earth. Brimming with interesting facts, this charming picture book is a beautiful way for parents to introduce young children to the animal world—and for older children to learn by themselves.

Also read My Big Book of Beasts, My Big Book of the Blue

12.  Wild in the Backyard by Arefa Tehsin

Books About Wildlife - Wild in the backyard

A lovely book about all those critters that pervade our homes and gardens. Ants, bees, frogs, birds, squirrels, snails, centipedes, millipedes, rats and mice and lizards, and mosquitoes and monkeys and…have you ever cared to stop and look at them attentively as they cross your path – or as you cross THEIR path? This book will make you stop and notice them like never before. The author shares many facts about hitherto uncared for creatures in our lives in a funny – at times crossing the lines of politeness and decency though not in a serious way – yet professional manner. The book is written as if addressing a school-kid, but who says that grown-ups cannot read the children’s books? In fact, this is a book that contains facts that even we grown-ups have not learnt or known till date. While telling us about the little bugs, birds, rodents, and insects that live with us in our homes and backyards, the author has subtly stressed the need to preserve nature as well. Her care for all the life forms is quite evident. When you finish reading this book, her love, concern, and enthusiasm for the ecosystem are bound to infect you for certain – without even any of those critters biting you!

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