School Problems: Pre-Teens & Teens

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When a teenager reaches high school, he starts facing a couple of teenage problems in school. Usually, they don’t talk about their personal experiences, especially if it’s shameful. What mysteries does your child go through in school? Let’s learn.

There are several things that a child goes through regarding middle school problems. It usually gets tougher when they join high school approximately at around the age of 14 years. Well, growing up comes with a couple of changes in the school. From making new friends to losing the ones you had in the previous grade and having to adapt to the new environment. High school is the time adolescence spikes, and further emotional changes are noticed. Some get boyfriends and girlfriends. Others get sporty, and others get themselves in the world of science. All these happen during the teenage period, and sometimes things can go sour for some of the students.


Some of the teenagers are always on the receiving end of harsh treatments. Not most of them come in the open to share what they are going through. Those who do are often shamed or regarded weak as a result of so doing. Similarly, others try to join those who give them a hard time to prove a point that they are strong as well. On the other hand, a number of them lay back and take the treatment that they get. Unlike the latter, the previous group end up misled and are in double trouble. So what kind of high school problems do teens face in school?

Problems Teens Face in School

Let’s have a look at some common teenagers problems at school;

  1. Proving a Point

There is a level of peer pressure that forces some individuals into doing things that they never intended to just to prove a point or make amends for a code broken. Different groups of students are usually associated with different activities from abusing and smuggling drugs, participating in premarital sex, and stealing. This is a clear indication that you should check what is in your toddler backpack. Some students in the various groups are usually not into doing this stuff, but because of wanting to show off, they end up participating. These are activities that can drastically affect the performance and personal life of these students.

  1. Mental Health Issues

There is a lot to handle in high school, and that much pressure can result in teens finding themselves in a state of depression. In most cases, anxiety issues are usually dealt with by bolding up and ‘being a man,’ but this is short term solutions that eventually worsen the situation. Most of the teens fail to speak up about what they are going through in school, be it high school math problems, shaming, or even losing friends and want to handle things on their own. This condition usually ends up in depression, where it is harder to get out of that zone unless you are put through medical treatment. Monitoring your child to find symptoms of depression is very important to avoid bigger problems.

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  1. Physical Appearance and Self-Esteem

At this age, adolescence has kicked in real good – boys start to notice girls and vice versa. The physical attraction then begins to be a crucial issue to find a space in the different groups that are in school – cheerleaders, football players, music guys, or even the geeks. The judgment on the way people look is ideal at this point, and anyone who doesn’t look as fine as the others is then despised. Well, let us be real for once, some individuals have health conditions, and others have those family genes that they cannot avoid. Looking down upon such people ends up affecting their self-esteem, and they begin to feel unworthy and unaccepted in society. This can drastically affect someone’s life in the long run.

  1. Technology Addiction

At this point in life, most of the children begin to be exposed to the internet, and the lucky ones get to own their mobile phones. The presence of social media makes people be able to know a lot about what is going on, interact, and also share their life deeds. For others, they begin to work on online jobs or do creative things using connectivity. Either way, both of these groups eventually end up so into the internet that they can’t live without it. This addiction can cause different scenarios; some can be living a fake like on the internet and have real pathetic lives to please the followers while others can be depressed from what they see there and can’t have them.

  1. Bullying

School bullying, whether male or female bullying, is the worst thing anyone can go through during their school life. There are funny characters in school who usually feel supreme to the less talkative and the weaklings. They subject them to physical assault or torture just because, in most cases, they can’t stand up for themselves or they shy off from picking up fights. There is also some physical bullying that has been happening, especially when a teenage girl does something that ashamed her and ends up being called names about the same.

Signs of a Teen Experiencing School Problems

Although it can be difficult for teens to share their problems due to their issues, there can be a couple of red flags that can be noticed. Parents with teenage children should lookout for a couple of behaviors that would suggest that their child is going through a hard time in school. The behaviors to watch out for in your teenager are;

  • Multiple justifications on why they need to skip school or worse end up dodging classes without informing you.
  • Gives almost null information about his experiences in school or how their day was and further gets upset or walks away when you bring up the topic.
  • The few numbers of friends that he has and less interested in other activities in school apart from the curriculum-based studies.
  • Evidence of low self-esteem e.g., having less confidence in himself and comparing how less he is to his classmates.
  • Receiving a couple of call ups in school and teachers reporting of withdrawal symptoms and also getting punishments and being sent home.
  • Is constantly depreciating in performance, unlike their educational strength.


Resolutions to the Complications

There are a couple of steps that can be taken to counter the problems that teens experience in school. These measures include:

  1. Enrolling your child in programs in a school for behavioral problems.
  2. Holding anti-bullying campaigns, including holding up critic bullying quotes and helping the teens speak up about it and standing up for themselves.
  3. Holding awareness events on word problems high school issues to help teens come out and talk about their issues.
  4. Trying to identify the signs early enough to find solutions as soon as possible.


The numerous issues that affect teenage students can affect the general behavior of students. Knowing your child’s situation in school is very crucial, so you also know how you can help them out. Do you have a teenage child in school? Are you aware of the possible problems that they face? Leave a comment.

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