25 Ways to keep your Toddlers Engaged

Got Toddlers at home? Spend some time with the little ones with these fun and easy activities that you can do at home and keep them happily engaged.

25 Toddler Activities to do at Home

1. Stack the blocks

Hand over colorful and engaging blocks to the tiny tot by specifying alphabets and numbers on each side. Let the little one stack numbers or objects or alphabets on the block in a particular or no order.


2. Follow the command 

Give simple and easy commands to your toddler and let them follow it. Instruction following is essential for kids to be disciplined. Once the kids get used to the simple orders, start with complex ones. For example, touch your feet with your hands.

3. Trace the path

Give an object to your child and draw a path on a white sheet of paper for the kid to follow. It could be a straight line or a zigzag line or a curved line. Let the kid move the object on the path you set out for them.

4. Knock over the hurdle

Set a path full of hurdles for your child to travel through with his favorite toy. These hurdles can be in the form of cushions, plastic chairs, pillows, etc. Kids will love to hop and leap around various objects in the house.

5. Colorful Balls

Hand over colorful bouncing balls for toddlers to kick, throw or play while you count loudly the balls for them to register numbers in their minds.

Source: FrugalFun4Boys

6. Drown the toys

Best game to play during bath time. Fill a tub with water and hand over a few toys or household items to your little munchkin. As you drop the objects one by one in water, observe and discuss the objects that float and others that sink.

7. Sorting Colors

Arrange different colored toys, household items, lego blocks or balls in front of the toddler and let them segregate based on colors. You can give them a series of color to arrange or just say a color to let them pick objects of that color.

8. Pair it up

You will need toys or blocks or balls or anything that you want to play with, in pairs. Put all the stuff in a bag and encourage your child to pull out pairs of similar things.

9. Create dough models

Play dough is the classic way to keep your toddler engaged for hours. Let the creative side bloom by creating shapes, figures, patterns from colorful play dough.

Source: verywellfamily.com

10. Finger Painting

Place a piece of paper and a small bowl of paints in front of the toddler. Let them dip their fingers in the colors to paint the paper as per their choice.

11. Stick it together

Cut different shapes from colored craft paper. Now give a white paper and glue to your toddler and let them stick the colorful shapes on the white paper in different shapes, patterns of their choice.

12. Get crafty

Make a DIY craft activity with your little one. You can try a cotton ball snowman or a paper plate animal mask that kids will love to make and flaunt.

13. Nature Collage Printing 

Go outdoors and pick up some flowers, stones, leaves, etc. Then pour some paint in a plate and let your toddler dip the collected stuff in the paint and print it on a paper to make a Nature Collage.

14. Strike a Balance

Use a stool or a chair or bucket upside down and allow toddlers to climb and jump off the object as they learn to balance themselves on it.

15. Mystery Box

Place a few of the toddlers’ favorite objects in a box. Describe the object and let your kid dig out the object from the box without peeping in the box, just by feeling and touching objects.

16. Sensory boards

Create a sensory board with different textured objects to let your child touch and feel different objects and understand the textures and surfaces.

17. Scoop it

Place two cups and a spoon in a tray. Let one cup be empty and in the other cup mix two varieties of beans like kidney beans and chickpeas. Let the toddler scoop out all the kidney beans in the empty cup with the help of the spoon.

18. Pour some water

A simple and fun activity in summers to keep the smile on pretty faces. Give some empty plastic cups and a jug of water. Let the little one pour water and fill the cups.

Source: youtube.com

19. Squeeze it in

Take a jug of water and few plastic empty cups. Hand over a sponge to the toddler. Let him dip the sponge in the jug and squeeze the water filling the cups one by one.

20. Sand play 

Create a sandbox with sand, toys and small buckets and let the kids roll in sand or collect sand in a bucket or just play with toys.

21. Water the plants

Teach your kid to water the plants with a watering can. You can talk about the importance of plants with him while watering it.

22. Follow the path 

Draw a path with chalk in the corridor or portico and let your toddler follow the path. Make sure you have enough twists and turns to make it adventurous.

23. Peg Play

Give your little one a basket and few pegs. Encourage your little one to clip on the pegs on the sides of the basket to refine their motor skills.

24. Pom Pom race

Draw a start and a finish line on the floor. You may use duct tape for it. Give your toddler a pom pom ball and a straw. Let him begin at the start line by blowing air through the straw to roll the pom pom ball until it reaches the finish line.

25. Rubber bands on the can

Source: playideas.com

Place an empty can in front of the toddler along with some rubber bands. Encourage the toddlers to add the bands onto the can one after another until they reach the top.

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