Agamograph – An exciting and incredible 3D Art Project using 2D Art

Agamograph - DIY - 3D ARt

Do you know what an Agamograph is? No? Have you seen those amazing plastic-covered images that change when you move them? In this DIY, we will show you how to make them without the lenses and the plastic. And it is very easy to make!

What is an Agamograph (also called Lenticulars)

An Agamograph or Lenticular Art is composed of two (or even 3) images that changes when looked from different angles. It is named after Israeli sculptor Yaacov Agam. He has made quite a few large-scale lenticular type pieces, which is why the term “Agamograph” was coined in his honor. His work has been featured at Paris’ Musée National d’Art Moderne and the Guggenheim Museum in New York and he still creates these wonderful works of art.

The images in an Agamograph are folded in an accordion style, so when the viewer passes by the piece, the images morph from the first image to the second image. This is a fantastic three dimensional project based heavily on two dimensional art creation (drawing and painting). These kinetic works involve movement and viewer participation. This is an awesome project to introduce the concept of angles and perspective.

Let’s go on and make an Agamograph!

Make a 2-way Agamograph

What you’ll need:

  • Cardstock or Paper
  • Pens – Coloured Pens or Markers
  • Colours – Any media (oil pastels, colour pencils, crayons… your choice)
  • Glue Stick

How to go about it:

Draw and colour two different pictures, each one on a sheet of paper.

Agamograph - DIY Agamograph - DIY - Art

You will now need to divide each picture into strips. Turn each picture face down and mark 1” columns along the entire length of the picture. Number each column in the first picture. Then number each column in the second picture. If you use 1, 2, 3, etc for the first picture, make sure to use A, B, C, etc. for the second one. Refer the templates below to understand the numbering/naming.

Agamograh - DIY - Art - Pic Template 2
Agamograph - DIY


Cut along these lines to make strips of your artwork paper. You should now have strips of your artwork. Put them in ascending order and keep them separately.

Agamograph - DIY - Art

Take another sheet of paper – this will be our Base Template. This paper must be equal to or bigger than the length of the two sheets of paper used to make the art. You can join a couple of sheets to make a larger sheet. Also, helps if this is cardstock or paper that is durable and rigid.

Starting from 1 or A, glue each strip of the picture one by one. First 1 then A, followed by 2-B, 3-C and so on. So what you are doing is sticking one of each picture in an alternating way. Refer the Base Template given below.

Agamograh - DIY - Art - Base Template
Base Template

This is how it will look like when you are done sticking the strips in the order

Cut out the extra bit of paper around the picture. This is how it will look now.

Agamograph - DY - Art

Fold along the strips in an accordion shape.

Be thrilled!

Place the Agamograph on a flat surface and move your head from side to side while looking at it. Watch how the picture you see changes depending on your viewing angle.

You can place the Agamograph on the table in front of you with the folds parallel to the table edge. Now flip the Agamograph and watch as the second picture appears.

Agamograph - DIY - Art Agamograph - DIY - Art


Agamograph - DIY - 3D ARt


Go on and make your own Agamograph! Explore with different patterns and color palettes.

Did you like this art technique? Did you try it? Let us know!

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