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Cloud Gazing

Cloud Gazing is a quick and simple way to explore nature in your own backyard.

Clouds are a playground for the imagination! Cloud Gazing or Cloud Watching allows us to quickly connect with nature and with each other. Cloud Gazing is all stretching the imagination and can be enjoyed almost anywhere and for as long as you want. Cloud Gazing offers many benefits:

  • It encourages creativity and helps out of the box as well as abstract thinking
  • It is a slow, calming activity that is relaxing
  • It helps connect children with nature
  • It helps build observation and communication skills.
  • It helps children understand perspective – what you may see in a cloud may be different from what another person does.

Play I-Spy in the Sky with Cloud Gazing

What you’ll need:

  • A place from where you have a clear view of the sky – balcony or terrace
  • A mat or something comfortable to lie on.
  • A sunny day with clouds in the sky

How to do it:

On a nice sunny, cloudy day (like it is these days), grab a towel or a mat and head out to your backyard or balcony or the terrace from where you have a clear view of the sky. Choose a good time of the day when it is not too hot and is comfortable to look at the sky.

Lie down on your back and look at the sky. Or even just sit or stand – whichever you are comfortable with.

Start talking with your child about what they see. Do they spot any particular shapes or patterns? Do they see animals or birds? Or dinosaurs? It helps to jumpstart your child’s imagination, so talk about something you see — the more imaginative and funny the better. Make it silly and whacky – this gets children their dose of laughter and also helps them learn to think offbeat.

But there’s more to see in the sky than just clouds. Sometimes there are birds flying overhead, bugs buzzing by, planes zooming by or even a beautiful sunset.  Watch how some beautiful clouds are almost as fleeting as birds, forming and dissipating in a matter of minutes. Remember there’s no right or wrong way to cloud gaze.

Go on, take a moment to stop and see what’s happening in the sky. Play “I Spy” in the sky.

Extended Learning Activities:

Children can draw clouds or take photos of the clouds. In addition to just the shape of the cloud, they can do creative take and sketch their visions (what they saw in the cloud) too.

Cloud Gaze at different times of the day to see how things have changed. Try in different types of weather to see how clouds change color, texture, and shape. This is bound to be an excellent lesson in weather!

Older children can try to capture their cloud images in photos or on videos in interesting ways.

Cloud Gazing also has some academic uses. Children can use this activity to learn about the most common cloud types found in the atmosphere, how clouds are formed and the role they play in the weather. Try these 23 smart activities to teach about clouds and types of clouds.

Read the Book – “It Looked Like Spilt Milk“, Here is a read-aloud of the book

When it comes to nature, it’s a good thing to have your head in the clouds!

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